Jun 08, 2016 10:26 UTC

This program focuses on how to have a good retirement age. As you may know, this age is one of the important periods in everyone's life which if planned well, can be full of wonderful experiences.

Entering any new phase of life has its own special concerns. Actually any change in life, positive or negative, may cause stress, anxiety or depression for some people. One of the important events that could put a person in trouble is the retirement age that if not tackled well, could make the person frustrated, dissatisfied or depressed.

If a person could not deal with such a change, he/ she would not care about his routine activities such as the time they get up or even the way they dress and look. Some may also lose their friends. But the retirement age with a simple planning could be full of experiences leading a person to a new world with much longer days and nights, opportunities to seize, good jobs or affairs he had not time to do before this phase.

The first thing experts recommend to retired people is finding a part time job in order to divert their attention from stress and anxiety that might lead to suffering from mental and even physical diseases. It is also recommended that retired people start a kind of job which is not confined to doing at a certain time limit. Also it is suggested that the retired people who are looking for a job start their favorite job. Working for non- governmental organizations or in charities is also recommended. According to studies of Michigan University, those who spend their time doing voluntary or humanitarian activities live longer than others.

One of the other points that can help the retired people experience a good retirement age is their active involvement in family activities including taking care of their grandchildren and teaching them ethical and cultural values. Experts opine that not experiencing a good retirement age might lead to depression, isolation or putting individuals in danger of different mental and physical diseases, including Alzheimer's disease. Physical exercises can prevent a person from the danger of several diseases.

Exercising is recommended for all, but the retired people should try light exercises particularly in the open spaces. Also hiking twice a day for 20 minutes is recommended for retired people as the best and most comfortable exercise for reducing stress. This point should be taken into consideration as stress releases harmful hormones and speeds the pace of aging.