Feb 15, 2016 07:45 UTC

Some socialists have focused on the motivated and prepared spirit of youths. They state that youths are the symbol of collective ethics, social spirit, and demand for diversity.

Youths’ honesty, chastity, and selflessness create an epic within them; and turn them into heroes. Youths value and treasure courage because this characteristic trait is pure. Youths can save their country via their commitment, perseverance and steadfastness. Independence, freedom, and elevation of nations are the result of their youths’ hard efforts. Throughout the course of history, committed youths have been the main assets of their country, and have brought about honor and elevation for their country.

Present day insightful youths have mobilized the World of Islam and have recreated a sense of identity within them. In a number of regions of Islamic countries, countless men and women have devoted their lives under the banner of sacred religion of Islam, and have shaped epics, while degrading the Global Arrogance with their bravery. Many youths in Islamic countries have formulated political, cultural and social jihad under the banner of Islam and based on their aspiration for establishment of an Islamic ruling system, while boosting the incentive of resistance against the domination of hegemonic powers in their communities. In fact, youths in Islamic countries have presented their ideal demands and have countered the invaders and oppressors across the globe. These youths, in addition to their vigilance, have instilled and promoted hope in others. Today, we familiarize you with the logic of these youths.

Fatemeh, the daughter of Emad Moqniyeh, is a youth who has lost her father for the sake of revival of sacred religion of Islam. Her father was among the senior commanders of Lebanon’s Hezbollah who was martyred by the mercenaries of the Zionist regime of Israel. In a meeting with the Leader of Islamic Revolution, she pointed out that she had come to Iran in the company of hundreds of other revolutionary youths to be inspired by the Islamic Revolution and the Leader of Islamic Revolution, to find out how to continue the path of martyrs and the terms of standing against the plots and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam. She added that she had come to Iran, in the company of revolutionary youths, to announce the commitment of Muslim youths toward Islam, noting that Muslim revolutionary youths will continue the path of resistance and will wipe out any trace of arrogant powers from the scene of Islamic countries.

The fact of the matter is that in the current century mankind is on the verge of a new phase, in which he calls for the assistance of God and believes in the one and only creator of the world. Demand for independence, freedom, and justice, and negation of ethnic, racial, and religious discriminations are some of the characteristic features of youths’ movement. The presence of youths at the forefront of popular uprisings, and economic, scientific and technological developments displays the elevated, vigilant, and effective role of youths in the future of countries.

The revolutionary and Muslim youths maintain a number of traits. Such youths aim to guide the misled and lead to prosperity of other human beings. Muslim, revolutionary youths are also vigilant toward social topics of importance. They are against hedonism, and make every effort to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Hamid Rashidi is an insightful youth, who defended his country during the imposed war. In his will, he questions those, who have sacrificed ethereal heavens for the sake of mortal materialistic glitters. Then, he points out that he had taken strides, coupled with faith in God and Islam, vigilantly covering this righteous path.

Righteousness and falsehood are perfectly clear for Muslim, revolutionary youths. In the view of such youths, righteousness and falsehood are clearly separated from each other, while the falsehood current is fragile like a spider web. These youths cannot be misguided, and the intricate plots of the enemies and seditionists do not take away their peace of mind.

Muslim, revolutionary youth can also distinguish between friends and enemies and is never mistaken in this regard. He is tough toward disbelievers and kind toward friends. He also never reaches out for the enemies.

The Muslim revolutionary youth always seeks creativity and wants to find fresh and efficient approaches and means to move forward. He is also truly committed to fulfillment of his duties and responsibilities. He realizes that enthusiasm and prudence should be tied to each other for an epic to be shaped, and in the absence of epic, major and unique tasks will not be fulfilled. He doesn’t fulfill his tasks for the sake of fame. Furthermore, he considers martyrdom for the sake of God as his best possible achievement in the material world, and the source of prosperity of mankind in Hereafter.