Feb 22, 2016 06:11 UTC

Welcome to the 34th weekly episode of the series Bezel of Youth. As you know, study of the views of prominent figures of the human community, especially the view of religious figures, is of paramount importance.

Naturally, in the Islamic community, the ideological and practical approaches of religious figures are of significance. The most prominent figure in the view of Muslims is the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny), given that he is the Last and Greatest Messenger of God. Therefore, especial importance is attached to the standpoint of Prophet Mohammad on youths. It was previously mentioned that Islamic teachings have focused on youths, and consider youth as a phase of life which sets the stage for one’s attainment of perfection. The Prophet of Islam, who serves as a role model for the entire mankind always paid especial attention to youths. Today, we study youths from the viewpoint of Prophet Mohammad.

Prophet of Islam, Mohammad, always put emphasis on youths, and the impacts of adults’ behavior and interactions on formation of the characteristic traits of youths. The Prophet always encouraged people to appropriately treat youths. The majority of the eternal teachings of the Prophet of Islam about youths are focused on promotion of hope, efforts, and self-esteem among youngsters.

The Prophet of Islam paid especial attention to youths. The Prophet put emphasis on youths’ appropriate upbringing and materialization of their rights. It could be said that the most important right of mankind is to have an appropriate and healthy upbringing.

Based on a hadith, the Prophet of Islam noted that everyone should appropriately treat youths, given that they maintain a more virtuous heart, and are also more sensitive than others. The Prophet added that God Almighty appointed him to herald people of God’s forgiveness and kindness, and to warn them against God’s punishment. The Prophet went on the point out that youths accepted his remarks and established an amicable and kind bond with him.

The future of any country is made by its youths. For a country to have highly skilled human resources, it should delegate responsibilities to youths to observe the emergence of well-experienced and skilled workforce. The Prophet who administered the community attached significant importance to this subject. For instance, the Prophet instated an 18-year-old youngster, named Osama son of Zaid, as the commander of Muslim troops. Although this instatement was unexpected for many, the Prophet supported Osama in his sermons, pointing out the merits, strong faith, vast knowledge, morality, piety, and courage of this young commander.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, has elaborated on delegation of responsibilities to youths by the Prophet of Islam, noting: “Prophet Mohammad, in one of the most important phases of his life, delegated a huge responsibility to an 18-year-old youth. Throughout battles, Prophet of Islam commanded the troops. However, in the waning weeks of his life, he felt that he would pass away and cannot personally send troops to the Roman Empire. This was a major and difficult task which should have been delegated to an indomitably resolved individual, and the Prophet handed over this responsibility to a courageous 18-year-old youth. The Prophet could have instated a 50- or 60-year-old disciple for this task. But, he chose 18-year-old Osama son of Zaid, who maintained a strong faith in God and was the son of a martyr. The Prophet delegated the command of a huge force to that 18-year-old courageous and pious youth. The Prophet told Osama to go to the location in which his father had courted martyrdom, located in the then Roman Empire, and to camp over there. Then, the Prophet of Islam delivered a number of instructions to this young commander. This goes to show that the Prophet of Islam attached significant importance to youths.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, in continuation of his remarks, pointed out that today we have many courageous and resolved youths in Iran, who are fully prepared to participate in all fields such as the realms of education, politics, and social activities to uproot poverty, and to continue the development of Islamic Iran.

Prophet Mohammad was divinely appointed to prophet hood with the aim of introduction of sacred religion of Islam and expression of divine teachings. The Prophet noted that the important religious topics should be taught to the Ummah at a young age, so that they would not be misguided because of lack of knowledge about Islamic principles. The Prophet put emphasis on teaching Holy Quran to youths.

Prophet Mohammad maintained appropriate ties with the young generation throughout his entire life.

In an address to one of the youths of his era, the Prophet of Islam noted: Always maintain a strong faith in God so that God would also protect you. Whenever in need of help, seek God’s assistance. Realize that if everyone gathers to harm you they would not be able to do so, unless God determines it for you.