Feb 27, 2017 15:40 UTC

Alimestan is a region which is known as Iran’s Green Gold. Alimestan is in Amol region, located in north of Iran.

This forest is the place where a plant called “Alima” grows. The name of Alimestan has been adopted from this plant. The beauty and greenness of the forest is really indescribable.

Numerous springs, lively plains, proud and pretty horses all characterize Alimestan.

The Alimestan Summit is another attraction of this region. This summit is 2510 meters high and is one of the best choices of mountaineers in winter.

The entire Alimestan region, with a cool and misty environ, is the best place for walking and enjoying the intact and picturesque sceneries of Iran. The splendid panorama of Damavand summit has added to the beauties of Alimestan.

Alimestan is a blend of mist, mountain, forest and serenity.