Apr 20, 2017 08:39 UTC

Welcome to another interesting episode of Land of Light from the radiant life of the person, whom God Almighty created from His Own Light before the creation of anything else, and then sent him as the Last and Greatest of Divine Messengers with the universal mission of Islam.

If you remember, in one of the previous episodes we had shed light on the signing of the Treaty of Hudaibiya in 6 AH between the pagan Arabs of Mecca and the Muslims of Medina, on the instructions of Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny). The treaty called for a ten-year peace, specifying that both parties are obliged neither to harass the allies of the other side nor help the enemies of the other side. This meant the end of the frequent bouts of aggression that were mounted by the pagan Arabs, and also a period of respite for the Prophet to propagate Islam. But two years after signing of the Treaty of Hudaibiya, a critical incident occurred which breached the letter and spirit of the pact, and which is the topic of today’s episode. Stay tuned.