Mar 14, 2016 07:04 UTC

Today, we become familiar with the views of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul) about youths. Do stay with us.

The Father of Islamic Revolution, late Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul) maintained a precise and correct understanding about the spirit, capacity, and needs of youths. Therefore, he depicted the righteous path toward perfection for the young generation. In the view of late Imam, the characteristic traits, capacities, flexibility, and inclination of youths toward spirituality and ethical virtues can guide youngsters toward growth and elevation upon the establishment of appropriate conditions. This has certainly been the case after the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Late Imam wholeheartedly admired youths and considered them as the huge assets of the World of Islam. Late Imam’s admiration of youths, led to the sense of loyalty and kindness of youths in Iran and across the Middle East toward late Imam, motivating these youths to create epics throughout the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense eras.

Late Imam always thought of the future of the young generation. He considered youths as the source of honor and strength of the country and expected the young generation to prepare themselves for their national responsibilities. The appropriate upbringing and purification of youths are key to improvement of the Islamic community. Purification of youths’ soul, based on divine teachings has always been one of the main goals of our religious leaders. For instance, the 6th Infallible Successor to Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny), Imam Jafar Sadeq (Peace be upon him) called for attainment of an understanding of youths, because they turn toward carrying out good deeds, faster than others.

Given this characteristic trait of youths, late Imam noted that youths can better purify their souls, and the roots of corruption in youths are to a lesser extent compared with those in advanced age.

One of the main Islamic rules and regulations encourages repentance from commitment of sins. A faithful individual should not deceive himself with satanic promises, false imaginations, and hallucinations, and should not be indifferent toward sins. In fact, it is best to repent at a young age.

The Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny) noted that in the view of God, nothing is more popular than a youth who repents from commitment of sins.

Meanwhile, with due attention to these remarks of Prophet Mohammad, late Imam Khomeini called on youths to reinforce their resolve and to repent at a young age, so that the opportunity which has been raised by God for youths would not be lost. Late Imam also urged youths not to be tempted by carnal desires.

Upon the development of physical health of the members of the communities; many social, mental, and even economic abnormalities can be dispelled. Playing sports highly contributes to physical and mental health of individuals and is very effective in empowerment of sportsmen. Strong and courageous youths are huge assets in the heroic confrontation against the invasive enemies, and are in fact considered as the envoys of Islamic Revolution.

On this basis, late Imam noted that he was honored to see these heroic and powerful youths, while calling on them to behave in an exemplary manner, so that God-willing Islamic republics would be established in other parts of the world.

Today, the only avenue for liberation from the yoke of cultural invasion is to learn religious teachings, and to cement and reinforce the Islamic ideological foundations. Late Imam pointed out: “Focus of the young generation on introduction of the true image of Islamic is praiseworthy. Today, we are duty-bound to foil foreign powers’ propaganda campaigns. The young generation should alert those, who are inclined toward the West, and reveal the atrocities of Western states and their client regimes.”

Late Imam also urged the young generation to learn and apply Quranic teachings, and to introduce the divine religion of Islam to other nations, while also making every effort to advance major Islamic goals and ideals.

Late Imam, throughout his blessed life, was an excellent guide for youths, and considered youths as the huge assets of the Iranian nation, sacred religion of Islam, and Islamic countries. Late Imam realized the existing potentials of youths for revival of the divine religion of Islam and establishment and maintenance of the Islamic ruling system; and always emphasized that youths, via their perseverance, can lead the way for culmination of the Islamic Revolution.

The respectful outlook of late Imam toward youths captured the attention of youths of other countries toward the progressive thoughts of late Imam.

It can be said that late Imam, via perception of the importance of youths, showed the pure and righteous soul of the young generation, guiding youths in coverage of the righteous path toward elevation and growth.