Jun 24, 2017 09:41 UTC
  • Qur’an in view of Qur’an

Welcome dear listeners. In the previous episode we negated the false belief of distortion of the holy Qur’an. Today we’ll continue the discussion.

In today’s turbulent circumstances, while mankind is faced with serious ideological challenges, the advocates of various ideologies resort to every possible means to introduce their ideology as the savior of mankind. But experience shows that they have all failed and the only way to salvage mankind is the right way shown by God as it is said in ayah 9 of surah Isra’, “Indeed this Qur’an guides to what is most upright.”

Now, is it possible that the Book, which has been sent down by the Wise and Knowing God and guides towards the most upright and surest way, can be distorted?

 Another point that proves the authenticity of a book is the logicality and rationality of its content so that they leave no doubt for the audience. The only book that enjoys this feature is the holy Qur’an. God says in the beginning of surah Baqara, “Alîf Lâm Mîm. That is the Book, there is no doubt in it.”

If we really believe in the divine word, won’t the belief in the distortion of this Book be baseless?

Another feature that proves the authenticity and intactness of the holy Qur’an is the conformity between the content and format of this Book. There is a compliance and coordination not only between the ayahs of the Qur’an but also between the surahs. Since the arrangement of the ayahs and surahs has been carried out under the direct supervision and command of the Prophet, this is clear indicative of the authenticity and intactness of it. So there remains no room for distortion. Some of the enemies used to propagate that some parts of the Qur’an are the fabrication of the Prophet’s mind to which God answers decisively in ayahs 44-47 of surah al-Ḥāqqah, “Had he faked any sayings in Our name, We would have surely seized him by the right hand and then cut off his aorta, and none of you could have held Us off from him.”

In addition to all Qur’anic evidences which prove the authenticity and intactness of this Book, the practice of the Prophet also proves this reality strongly.

Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) would order a group of Muslims, who were known as “Kuttab Wahy” (scribes of revelation) to write down the ayahs which were revealed. And then he would once again examine the written texts to keep them immune from any likely distortion. Furthermore, the Messenger of Mercy used to encourage another group of Muslims to learn the ayahs and surahs of the holy Qur’an by heart. These people enjoyed a high status and were respected among Muslims.

In short, the issue of distortion of the holy Qur’an is a big lie and this holy Book will remain intact forever.