Apr 27, 2018 10:19 UTC

Welcome to our weekly program "Path towards Enlightenment" in which we present you a fluent and easy-to-understand explanation of the ayahs of the holy Qur’an. We start from where we left you last Friday and here is ayah 81 of Surah Ya Sin:

“Is not He who created the heavens and the earth able to create the like of them? Yes indeed! He is the All-Creator, the All-Knowing.”

Last week, we explained the ayahs that present examples of God’s Infinite Power, such as creation of the human being from a drop of fluid and fire from green trees, all of which is a testimony to death, destruction, and resurgence in the original form, shape and size, even if the bones over the millenniums have become dust.

The ayah that we recited to you now refers to God’s power in creating the heavens and the earth and means to say: if you have doubts on the raising of the dead to life, why do you not reflect on the greatness of the heavens and the earth, which are indeed manifestations of God’s glory in creating the orderly universe.

As we learn from these ayahs, in speaking with the disbelievers, we ought to begin with insignificant subjects and then refer to greater ones. For instance, the first parable was beginning of life from sperm, the next parable was green tree on fire, and the third parable was the creation of heavens.

Now, this ayah implicitly says that whether the One, Who has created the heavens and the earth with their abundant glories, wonders, and amazingly orderly systems, cannot restore to life those who have become rotten bones. Yes, He can and He is the Omnipotent Creator, the Knower.

The ayah emphasizes on two of the great attributes of Allah, that is, His Power of creation and His infinite Knowledge.

From this ayah we learn that:

  1. In dealing with the disbelievers’ doubts, instead of directly responding, one can use the question and answer method; to awaken their conscience to help them discover the manifest truth themselves.
  2. The One Who created the vast universe with its wonderful system can restore human beings to life on the Day of Resurrection.

Now we listen to and read ayah 82 of Surah Ya Sin:

“All His command, when He wills something, is to say to it ‘Be,’ and it is.”

In continuation of the previous ayah, this ayah emphasizes the divine power and says: creation of all things is easy for God. It is not so that creation of the sky is hard for Him and creation of an ant is easy. It is the absolute Might of God that, when He desires something He merely says, ‘Be’ and it is there at once, within no time. This is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an at several places. The command is to bring into existence. Of course, what is meant here is not the oral command because commanding is possible only to something, which already exists to obey the command.

The Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS), says: “The thing, which He desires, comes into existence instantly.”

So the word “say” here means the Divine Desire. In Hereafter also, it is the same case. The moment God desires that man becomes alive again once, without requiring any time, without needing any means, even if the bones had been turned to dust and scattered in different places.

From this ayah we learn that:

  1. Creation of all things, whether big or small, simple or complicated, is the same for God the All-Creator.
  2. God is Almighty and has created everything from nothingness, and has the power to recreate, reconstruct, and resurrect everything in its original form, shape and size.

Now we listen to and read ayah 83 the last ayah of Surah Ya Sin:

“So immaculate is He in whose hand is the dominion of all things and to whom you shall be brought back.”

This ayah which is the last ayah of Surah Ya Sin sums up the previous ayahs and is an emphasis upon what was said before in the Surah. It is an emphasis on this fact that for His Will and Power.

Immaculate is God in Whose Hands is the control of all things. “In His Hands” means in His Power. Power is mentioned as Hand by way of proverbial use, since God Almighty is too glorious to have form, shape, size and organs, like the creatures who are dependent upon them. To be “in hand” means to be able to use. Kingship or rule on every particle among all particles is for God. The kingdom and rule of the One and Only God is established over all the parts and particles of the universe.

From this ayah we learn that:

  1. The power of God encompasses all the universe and He the All-Wise is in complete control of every minute thing.
  2. The beginning and the end of creation is in accordance with God’s Will, and everything returns to Him.

We come to the end of Surah Ya Sin. Next week, we will begin our explanation of Surah Saffaat.