Jun 05, 2018 09:25 UTC

In the night of 19th of Ramazan, 40 AH, Imam Ali (AS) remembered the remarks of the Prophet, "I can see that in one of the nights of Ramazan your beard will be dyed with the blood of your head."

Imam Ali (AS) was in the house of his daughter Umm Kulthum. He took his beard in his hand and whispered, "My God! The promise of Your Dear Messenger has neared! My God! Make death blessed for Ali."

When Imam Ali (AS) was going to the door, his belt was caught by the door. He fixed it and said to himself, "O Ali! Fix your belt firmly for death."

 When the sword of Ibn Muljam struck his head at the niche of prayer, he said in clear voice, "By the Lord of the Ka'ba I succeeded."

Then he took some soil from the niche and put it on his forehead, reciting the Qur'anic ayah, "From it did We create you, and into it shall We return you, and from it shall We bring you forth another time."

 At this, he noticed that the murderer has been caught by the people and they are beating him. He raised his voice, "Don't beat him. He has struck me one blow and he is my adversary. Let him free!"

When Imam Ali was brought home, he asked all his friends and members of Bani Hashem clan to gather around him. Anyone who saw him he/she began weeping. But the Imam would console them, saying, "Be calm. Don't be sad and restless. If you knew what I am thinking about and what I can see you would never be sad. Know that my whole enthusiasm is that I join my master, the Messenger of God. I like to visit my kind and selfless wife, my dear Zahra."

Imam Ali (AS) called his senior son, saying, "My son Hassan! Come closer." Then he told him to bring his chest. It contained the famous sword, Zul-Faqar, the turban and cloak of the Prophet, a sealed book and a copy of Qur'an which the Imam himself had written. Imam Ali (AS) gave them one by one to Imam Hassan (AS). Then he took testimony from the attendees, saying, "Be witness that the Imam after me is Hassan, the grandson of the Prophet."

After a pause, Imam Ali (AS) continued, "My son! You will be the Wali after me. If you want, you can forgive my killer. And if you decide to bring him to justice, he has struck me one blow; so strike him once and take care not to transgress the divine boundaries. Now, my son, bring paper and a pen to write what I'm saying at the presence of this gathering."

Imam Hassan (AS) brought paper and a pen to write his father's will. Imam Ali (AS) said, "In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. This text is what Ali has testified. The first is that he testifies that there is no god except the One God; Who is Only with no associate. And he testifies that Mohammad is God's servant and messenger. God sent him to guide people and make His religion superior to other religions, although the unbelievers don't like. Indeed, my prayer and my worship and my life and my death are for the sake of God and for God. He has no partner, and this I have been commanded and I am the first of those who submit."

Then Imam Ali (AS) recommended all his children and relatives and whoever receives his message to observe Godwariness and order in every affair. Then he said, "I heard from the Prophet that making peace among people is better than several years of fasting and prayer."

In his last hours of life, Imam Ali (AS) was thinking of unity and reconciliation among people.

Since Imam Ali (AS) was very kind toward orphans, he was given the epithet of "Father of orphans". In his last will, too, he seriously recommended to heed their affairs. He said, "Fear Allah in matters concerning orphans, lest they be hungry."

In his last will, the Commander of the Faithful highly recommended paying attention to the noble Qur'an. He pointed to prayer as the main pillar of religion. He also referred to the Hajj pilgrimage, saying, "Fear Allah about heeding the Qur'an; beware of others not to overtake you in practicing it. Fear Allah about prayer as it is the pillar of your religion; and in observing the right of the house of your Lord, do not leave it empty as long as you are alive; for, if you do not observe its respect, the divine catastrophe will fall on you."

Then Imam Ali (AS) recommended jihad in the way of God with properties and souls and advised the faithful to enjoin what is right and forbid what is evil.

Then Imam Ali (AS) looked at the attendees, saying, "May God preserve you and preserve his Messenger's right with you. Now I bid you farewell and recite God's greeting and mercy to you." At this moment his forehead was wet with sweat. The Leader of the Pious closed his eyes and recited the two-phrase testimony (Ash'hadu alla Ilaha illa-llah Wahdahu la Sharika lah wa Ash'hadu anna Mohammadan Abduhu wa Rasuluh). Then his soul flew to the ethereal heaven. Greetings of God upon him.