Jun 07, 2018 08:58 UTC

The night of Qadr (Ordainment) is the best time in the best month of God. It is better than one thousand months and the best opportunity to forgive our sins by God.

In this night the angels descend to the earth in groups to take the prayer and supplication of the fasting people to the sky. The night of Qadr has been praised and glorified in the Qur'an. It is the night of revelation of the noble Qur'an and coming of angels to the earth. As this night is better than one thousand nights, any worship in it is also rewarded more than one thousand times. In this night the destiny of human beings and their affairs are determined for one year. According to the Islamic narrations the night of Qadr is in the third part of the blessed month of Ramazan as the Prophet used to gather his bed in these nights and engage in worship and prayer especially in the 23rd night. He used to keep his family members awake till dawn of that night.

Imam Ali (AS) said, "God has hidden that night so that you may pay more attention. Because had He specified it to you, you would have just pursued the merits of that night and forget other nights."

Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) said on the night of Qadr, "Whoever keep vigil the night of Qadr, while he is faithful and believes in the Day of Judgment, all his sins will be forgiven."

 The faithful keep vigil in this night, perform prayer, supplicate to the One and Only God and seek His forgiveness for their sins. They ask for the best destiny to be determined for them. The night of Qadr (Ordainment) has specific acts. Some of these acts include: ritual washing of body (Ghosl), prayer, seeking intercession from the Qur'an and the Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet, reading special Ziyarah of Imam Hussein and so on. Recitation of surahs Dokhan, Rum and Ankabut are highly recommended in this night. The Jowshan Kabir supplication is especially recommended for the night of Qadr.

Another thing which is highly recommended in the night of Qadr is contemplation. Of course, contemplation is for a person whose heart God has enlightened with the light of monotheism. Contemplation has various branches but the best among them can be contemplation of creation. Contemplation makes man humble as he realizes that he is nothing before the infinite power of God. This humbleness will purify the heart and separate the individual from arrogance and lead to creation of lofty merits. Contemplation on one's self is of great importance, too. This will lead him to understand his capacities and defects. Then, through exercise he will succeed in growing virtues and strong points on one hand and uprooting vices and weak points on the other hand. Thinking on the fate of the past generations and nations is also a good way for leading man toward the right path. Imam Ali (AS) says, "Opportunities pass like clouds. So, make the best use of them."

For sure, the night of Qadr is one of the best opportunities. God has bestowed it upon us as a spring rain full of mercy.

We, as the servants of God, should reflect upon the creation and our fate. Then we will not spend the night of Qadr (Ordainment) indolently and recklessly.

As a matter of fact, benefiting from the divine mercy and grace will make us rich spiritually. That's why we are seriously recommended to pray and supplicate in the night of Qadr. Let us pray for others first as it was the habit of the Prophet and his infallible progeny. In the night of Qadr, the faithful hold copies of the noble Qur'an on their head and swear by God through His right and the right of the 14 infallible personalities (The Prophet of Islam, his daughter Lady Fatima, her husband Imam Ali and the 11 Imams from their progeny), to forgive their sins and grant them the best bounties and relieve them from the fire of hell.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, says, "Indeed, from the night of Qadr the fasting faithful man starts a new year. In the night of Qadr his fate is written for the period of year by the divine scribes. Human being enters a new year, a new phase; and in fact, a new life and a new birth."