Jun 13, 2018 09:24 UTC

The blessed month of Ramazan is nearing its end. Ramazan is going to leave us for one year. In bidding farewell to this month, Imam Sajjad (AS) says:

"This blessed month lived suitably among us and consorted with us well and gave us the most valuable profits of the world. Then, as its term was over and its days came to an end it departed from us."

Worship in the month of Ramazan is an opportunity to return to one's pure nature and gain spiritual experiments. Imam Sajjad (AS) calls these experiments as the best profits. The divine mercy and grace is in a way that God both gives his servants the chance to worship and engulfs them with His mercy in the best way. As there are countless effects for fasting, God has mentioned some rewards for this worship. According to the ayahs of the noble Qur'an, divine forgiveness and attaining the grade whereby the servant deserves to enter the Eden are some of the rewards for those who have observed true fasting.

The month of Ramazan is such that the divine reward engulfs the servants in every moment of it. Naturally, the deeper a worship is the more preciously it will be rewarded. Another reward for the fasting people is the purity of the heart and soul. For sure, one month of training the self and removal of the stains of sin from the heart will make special cleanness to the individual. The pure human nature gradually separates from its reality as a result of sins. This leads him to forget himself and God. But man attains a new life through efforts in Ramazan. This is called as return to one's self. Real fast purifies man's interior and enables him to receive the divine mercy. When the fasting person abstains from his desires and obeys God, God bestows him the reward, that is, He illuminates his heart.

Another reward for fasting in Ramazan is being placed beside the divine mercy. Every worship helps the servant get closer to God but fasting in Ramazan has a special advantage in this regard. The moments of this month are different from other months and the occurrence of the Night of Qadr (Ordainment) has added to its superiority manifold. The fact of the matter is that the Merciful Creator is in pursuit of forgiving every servant via minutest pretexts. In view of this, the breaths of the fasting servants have the reward of glorification and celebrating God. Their sleep is considered as worship.

The fifth infallible successor of the Prophet, Imam Mohammad Baqer (AS) said, "When the Prophet sighting the crescent of Ramazan, he would turn toward Qibla and say, 'O God! Make it new for us through safety, faith, health, ample sustenance, removal of diseases, recitation of Qur'an and helping us in prayer and fasting. O God! Make Ramazan peaceful and accomplish it for us, make it at ease and peace from us and make us healthy in it. So that when the month of Ramazan passes by, you have forgiven us.' Then, the Prophet would turn to the people, saying, 'O Muslims! When the new moon of Ramazan comes devils are chained, the doors of heaven and mercy are opened and the doors of hell are closed. Prayers are answered. God the Exalted frees captives from the hellfire at the time of Iftar and every night calls, 'Is there any appealer? Is there any asker of forgiveness? O God! Give for every spender in return. When the new moon of Shawwal rises the divine call addresses the faithful, 'Be prepared for your rewards as tomorrow is the day of reward."

A hadith reads, "Indeed, God has angels who have the duty to seek forgiveness every day for those who fast in Ramazan; and call at the time of Iftar, 'Good tidings o servants of God! You have tolerated a little hunger. Soon you will be saturated much. Be blessed and make blessed. These angels call on the fasting people till the last night of Ramazan, 'Good tidings o servants of God! Surely, God forgave your sins and accepted your penitence. Look how you will be in future."

Another reward for the fasting of Ramazan is to attain the divine satisfaction. Obviously, those who fast from dawn to the evening do this merely for the sake of gaining the divine pleasure. They are very careful not to disturb any creature. They hold their tongues from backbiting, gossiping, slandering and so on. They keep their eyes from forbidden gazes. They also keep their ears from hearing backbiting and religiously forbidden music etc.

Imam Khomeini says, "If after the blessed month of Ramazan you find a change in your state, you have entered the divine banquet to that scale. But if no change has occurred in you, you have not benefited from it."