Apr 13, 2016 20:21 UTC

In this episode we are going to discuss drug abuse and addiction as a major concern in families.

Drug abuse and addiction which takes toll every year has become a major concern in today’s world. Experts say if we exclude the entry of food into families, we can say that there is no other substance as much as drugs that has entered into the nations’ lives. The United Nations concurrent with the International Day of Fight against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on June 26th 2015 announced that there are currently 246 million drug abusers around the world out of whom 27 million are in a critical condition. The UN chief, Ban ki-Moon said in a statement that unfortunately one out of three drug abusers in the world are women.

Among the major reasons that put one at the risk of being addicted to drug mention can be made of curiosity, gaining joy, forgetting problems, feeling special, etc. However as experts say, drug abuse and addiction as an important crisis in the society degrades the social status of people and makes them selfish, unbalanced and unaffectionate creatures as well as tearing families apart. Addiction also has dire economic consequences on families and societies. Experts say family as a place where people’s characteristics grow and develop has a major role in making people inclined toward addiction or preventing them from being addicted. Parents’ lack of awareness about treating their children, poor relationship between parents and their children, the turbulent atmosphere athome, etc. all in all pave the road for children to be inclined to drug abuse.

According to experts, one of the major reasons that make teenagers curious about using drugs for the first time is that they have seen using them inside the family or out in the society. This puts people more exposed to experiencing drugs.

In addition, parents’ going to extremes in behavior makes children at the risk of being addicted. In families where children have no permission to express their ideas, they may seek somewhere else to express themselves. This may lead to children’s inclination toward drug abuse as a haven for getting rid of family crises. 

On the contrary in the families where children are free to act in an unprincipled and frameless track they may be deviated from the right track.

And to conclude this discussion it can be said that family has a major role in putting people whether child or adult at the risk of being addicted to drugs. Having a good relationship, parents can create a good atmosphere for the growth and development of their children and so prevent them from the risk of being addicted. This happens when parents themselves are a perfect model for their children.