Jul 18, 2018 09:19 UTC

Welcome to the first episode of an interesting 10-part series titled “Iranian Lady – Aspirations and Advancement”, which we will be presenting you every day on the occasion of the “Ten Days of Beneficence” that is celebrated in Islamic Iran every year to mark the first ten days of the month of Zil-Qa’dah, beginning with the birth anniversary of our Blessed Lady of Qom, Hazrat Fatema Ma’souma (peace upon her) and ending with the auspicious birthday of her illustrious elder brother, Imam Reza (AS)

The soil of Iran has the honour of being the site of two Immaculate Descendants of Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny). The first is holy Mashhad, in Khorasan, where reposes in eternal peace Imam Reza (AS). The second is holy Qom, south of Tehran, where his blessed sister, Fatema al-Ma’souma rests in peace, and has transformed the city into the centre for diffusion of the genuine teachings of Islam for seekers of knowledge from all over the world. These two holiest spots in Iran are thronged by pilgrims from all over the country and from around the world throughout the year, almost day and night, thereby soothing the souls of the believers, granting solace to their spirits, providing peace to their minds, and instilling tranquility in their hearts, as they strive to build the society and the country into the bastion of virtue so as to serve as model of emulation for conscientious people worldwide.

A glance at the life and times of Hazrat Ma’soumah (peace upon her) proves that she was an embodiment of virtue and a personification of knowledge and wisdom. Born in holy Medina to Imam Musa al-Kazem (AS), the Prophet’s 7th Infallible Heir, where she was imbued with the essence of Vilayah or the authority of those designated by God Almighty, that is, the Prophet and the Infallible Imams, Divine Providence willed that she leave her hometown and come to Iran for the final journey to the celestial heavens, leaving behind on the soil of Qom a permanent imprint to guide the people. 

No wonder, the people of Iran, especially the women, have always been inspired by her brilliant personality, and in view of the miracles witnessed at her holy shrine throughout the ages, have conferred upon her the epithet of “Karimat-al-Ahl al-Bayt” or the Munificent Lady of the Prophet’s Blessed Household.

Through her exemplary life, Hazrat Ma’soumah (peace upon her), showed that women can be active and effective in all areas. In other words, if the roles of women and girls are properly defined on the basis of virtue, the society will indeed become dynamic. Indeed, her ancestor, Prophet Mohammad (blessings of God upon him and his progeny), with his message of monotheism had placed women on the pedestal of virtue and dignity in those days when females were treated as objects of shame.

In our own modern times, when the western society has reduced women to mere commercial commodities and objects of carnal desires in the name of ill-defined freedom by depriving them of their modesty of dress, chastity of character, and constructive roles of a dedicated daughter, a sincere sister, a loyal wife, and a virtuous mother, it is Islam and its teachings that prevent us from leading the listless life of the decadent western culture.

It is here that exemplary personalities like Hazrat Fatema Zahra, Hazrat Zainab and Hazrat Ma’soumah (peace upon them) come to our rescue and delivers us from the darkness.

This is the reason, the Islamic Republic of Iran marks the birth anniversary of our Innocent Lady of Qom who left the mortal world in the prime of her youth, as “Daughter’s Day”, in order to inculcate moral and ethical values in the virtuous women and girls of Iran, who thanks to the freedom of the Hijab, are active in all spheres of the society.

Dr. Lo’bat Geranpayeh is an exemplary Iranian lady whose efforts has brought progress to Islamic Iran. She chose her profession not only to earn money, but also to serve the people. She specializes in medical practice. She is a faculty member and professor at Tehran University and for the past twenty years has served with distinction as a surgeon specializing in breast cancer. In the past five years, Lo’bat Geranpayeh has conducted 54 thousand visits and one thousand and five hundred free surgeries in the deprived areas of the country.

The life of this dedicated Tehrani physician is full of benevolent activities. Due to her devoted endeavours, she received the first Goharshad World Prize. She says: “When I see joy in the eyes while helping my compatriots, especially in deprived areas, my fatigue is removed.”