Jul 18, 2018 21:32 UTC

Welcome to the 4th episode of our interesting 10-part series titled “Iranian Lady – Aspirations and Advancement”, which we are presenting you every day on the occasion of the “Ten Days of Beneficence” that is celebrated in Islamic Iran every year to mark the first ten days of the month of Zil-Qa’dah, beginning with the birth anniversary of our Blessed Lady of Qom, Hazrat Fatema Ma’souma (peace upon her) and ending with the auspicious birthday of her illustrious elder brother, Imam Reza (AS).

For your information the birthday of this virtuous lady is celebrated in Iran as “Daughter’s Day” to inspire Iranian women to greater heights.

Women constitute half of mankind. Without the participation of this huge stratum, societies will not reach the peaks of progress. In view of this fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran has paved the ground for participation of women in various fields. For this reason, now in Iran, we are seeing the progress and flourishing of women's talents.

The Iranian Muslim woman has a strong emphasis not only on her main roles, which is the same role as mother and wife, but she also plays an effective role in the fields of science and culture as well as in the sphere of economy for development of the country. Today, talented Iranian women are working in ministries, organizations and institutions, and have attained senior management positions.

Dr. Antigone Zurnalas, a Greek researcher, says about Iranian women: In face-to-face encounters with Iranian women, I found that they had sufficient knowledge. They are as intelligent and talented as men, and adhere to religious values and beliefs. "

Dr. Parvaneh Karimzadeh, an expert physician, is one of the exemplary women selected at the Women's Excellence Summit. She specialized in pediatrics from Tehran University’s College of Medical Sciences in 1993, and later obtained MD in neurology from Martyr Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 2003.

Dr. Karimzadeh is also director of the Clinical Department of the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, a member of the Iranian Children's Neurology Society, a member of the Children's Pediatric Association, a member of the Pediatric Association of Asia and the Pacific, and the editor of the Children's Neurology Research journal. In addition, she has written many articles and books in medical sciences. Some of her books include: “Evolution and delayed neuronal development in children” in 8 volumes, as well as the book "365 First Days of Child Life". In addition, she has translated several books on children's neurology. This Iranian specialist has registered 50 scientific articles in domestic magazines and 45 articles in international magazines and also 15 articles in ISI scientific magazines. In addition, this exemplary lady has delivered 80 lectures at internal congresses and 10 scientific lectures at congresses abroad.

Recently, Dr. Karimzadeh attended a congress in Austria to present her article on children's neurology. According to her, the audience from the western countries was surprised by the presence of a veiled Iranian specialist woman. She says: "I was in Austria as a veiled specialist woman, and with my professional lecture I showed that the Iranian woman is completely free and active and influential. The Iranian woman has not only proved that she is influencing the progress of Iran, but has also showed the religious image of Iran to the world."