Jul 21, 2018 10:11 UTC

Welcome to the 7th episode of our interesting 10-part series titled “Iranian Lady – Aspirations and Advancement”, which we are presenting you every day on the occasion of the “Ten Days of Beneficence” that is celebrated in Islamic Iran every year to mark the first ten days of the month of Zil-Qa’dah, beginning with the birth anniversary of our Blessed Lady of Qom, Hazrat Fatema Ma’souma (Peace upon her) and ending with the auspicious birthday of her illustrious elder brother, Imam Reza (AS).

For your information the birthday of this virtuous lady is celebrated in Iran as “Daughter’s Day” to inspire Iranian women to greater heights.

The Prophet’s 6th Infallible Heir, Imam Jafar Sadeq (AS) has said: Doing good to brothers-in-faith and making efforts to solve their problems in all fields and in all circumstances, stems from sincere belief in God.

In ayah 177 of Surah Baqarah, God says:

“Piety is not to turn your faces to the east or the west; rather, piety is [personified by] those who have faith in Allah and the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets, and who give their wealth, for the love of Him,1 to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveller and the beggar, and for [the freeing of] the slaves, and maintain the prayer and give the zakāt, and those who fulfill their covenants, when they pledge themselves, and those who are patient in stress and distress,2 and in the heat of battle. They are the ones who are true [to their covenant], and it is they who are the Godwary.”

In view of this ayah, one can take advantage of wealth and use it in the service of the people, who have firm faith and healthy conscience. In fact, goodness and service to one another is a worthy act of worship and it comes from the depths of a sincere heart.

On the basis of these beliefs, the Iranian people have been leading efforts to help others, and they regard all people as members of one large family. In the Islamic society of Iran, women are successful and do not hesitate to work for the happiness of others. They are the women who strive to fulfill their wishes and dreams.

Zahra Gitynezhad is a teacher with thirty years of experience, and she still strives to carry on her job because of her concern for imparting proper education to the Iranian children in schools. She is the founder of the Mehr Gity Charity, which has so far built more than 25 schools in deprived areas in cooperation with the School Renovation Organization and the National Charity Association. Ms. Gitynejad is the recipient of the Gowharshad World Prize for her work in management and development affairs.

Most people think that one should be wealthy to help build a school, but Ms. Gitynezhad has a different view. She says: "I am not a rich women, though wealth is an asset. I'm rich because I have great friends, and I am a teacher. I groom the coming generations. I have succeeded in winning the trust of the children and their parents. We have friends in the Mehr Gity Charity who help us."

But Ms. Gitynezhad’s activities at her charity are not just about building schools, but equipping the classrooms with all other educational facilities.

She says: "We have many plans. Like "Books for All," we send an average of 15,000 books each month to the provinces. These books are presented from houses and publications to us and we forward them. We also have a school scheme that helps children on various occasions by providing them with bags, stationery and sports equipment.”