Jul 24, 2018 09:20 UTC

Welcome to this week's episode of the series Let's Know Islam. Today, we focus upon the global developments which take place on the verge of the Day of Resurrection.

As we said, one day the universe will fall into pieces. God has pledged the occurrence of the Day of Resurrection, and only God is aware of the time of its occurrence.

In the view of Holy Quran, the Day of Resurrection marks the end of the material world and beginning of a new world. Numerous ayahs of Holy Quran speak of the developments which take place on the brink of Day of Judgement. At times, Holy Quran depicts the events of Day of Resurrection in such a clear and tangible manner that makes mankind feel he is actually viewing these scenes, first hand.

Meanwhile, one of the goals of Holy Quran is to prepare mankind for the Day of Resurrection.

The 281st ayah of Surat Al-Baqarah in Holy Quran notes: "And beware of a day in which you will be brought back to Allah. Then every soul shall be compensated fully for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged."

Hence, it is necessary for us to take care of our deeds and to realize that we will be held accountable for our behavior before God Almighty on the Day of Judgement.

A significant number of ayahs of Holy Quran have discussed the developments of the Day of Resurrection. Holy Quran, in the elaboration of the global developments on the Day of Judgement, refers to events, which are in fact the predictions of this Holy Book on the future of the world. This is one of the scientific miracles of Holy Quran.

Last week, we said that on the verge of Day of Resurrection, the sun darkens, stars fall, and mountains are destroyed. In this manner, the balance of the world is distorted and the current world is destroyed. Now, let's see what happens in the sun, the moon, and the stars on the brink of the Day of Resurrection.

Sun is a large, shining star, which heats the world. In Holy Quran, God has vowed to the sun and its radiance.

The first ayah of Surat al-Shams in Holy Quran notes: "By the sun and her forenoon splendor."

Sun's radiance and shine is a huge blessing for mankind. In the 13th ayah of Surat al-Naba in Holy Quran, God notes: "And make the sun for a radiant lamp?"

Sun's radiance maintains a significant impact on the existence of all living creatures on earth. Its heat, in addition to leaving a direct impact on the life of mankind, animals, and plants, is the main source behind the existence of clouds, winds, and rainfalls, in addition to growth of plants and movement of river currents. If one day the Sun darkens, the world will be mired in darkness, silence, and death.

The Sun is moving in its especial orbit. In Holy Quran, God has referred to the precise and calculated order of the sun's movement. The 38th ayah of Surat Ya Sin in Holy Quran notes: "And the sun runs on to its place of rest…"

On the brink of the Day of Judgement, the situation of the Sun completely changes. Its radiance and the actions which transpire due to the Sun's heat and radiance are wiped out. Sun darkens and its volume declines.

Scientists have held many discussions on the future of the Sun and the Solar System. Scientists have discovered that Sun is mainly made up of hydrogen and helium. Due to Sun's high temperature, its hydrogen is constantly disintegrated and is transformed ino helium and a large volume of energy is released.

Based on scientific studies, in the next five billion years, the existing hydrogen in the Sun is transformed into helium. In that case, the outer layer of the sun gradually expands and is transformed into a reddish giant. Due to the expansion of the sun, and surging heat, all of the living creatures on earth are uprooted. After a while, the sun is transformed into a small whitish star. Ultimately, after a long while, the energy of the sun ends and it dies. Upon Sun's death, the Solar System is eliminated.

Holy Quran refers to the fate of the Sun on the verge of Day of Resurrection.

The 1st ayah of Surat al-Takwir in Holy Quran notes: "When the sun is wound up,…"

According to Holy Quran, on the brink of Day of Resurrection, Sun darkens and is wound up.

The statements of Holy Quran on the darkness of the Sun and destruction of stars on the Day of Resurrection are in line with the contemporary views about the destruction of the Sun and the Solar System. Science has currently proven that Sun gradually loses its mass and darkens. Holy Quran expressed these facts, while mankind's scientific circles were not aware of these realities.

In the current world; the earth, the moon, and other planets each move in their own orbit, and do not collide with each other.

The 40th ayah of Surat Ya Sin in Holy Quran notes: "Neither it behooves the sun to overtake the moon, nor may the night outrun the day, and each swims in an orbit."

However, in the Day of Resurrection, this precise order is completely distorted. The sun and the moon derail and are brought together.

The 8th and 9th ayahs of Surat al-Qiyamah in Holy Quran note: "And the moon is eclipsed, and the sun and the moon are brought together."

In these ayahs, two types of important developments at the end of the world are mentioned.

When the sun dies, the moon will lose its light and the earth will be mired in darkness.

According to Holy Quran, God sustains the heavens and the stars.

The 41st ayah of Surat al-Fatir in Holy Quran notes: "Indeed Allah sustains the heavens and the earth lest they should fall apart…"

At the end of the world; stars fall, and the universe is destroyed.

Meanwhile, according to Holy Quran, stars guide mankind.

According to 97th ayah of Surat al-An'am in Holy Quran: "… So that you may be guided by stars in the darkness of land and sea."

However, on the verge of Day of Resurrection, the situation changes and glittering stars darken.

The second ayah of Surat al-Takwir in Holy Quran notes: "When the stars scatter…"

Holy Quran states that on the brink of the Day of Resurrection, stars are completely wiped out.

According to the 8th ayah of Surat al-Mursalat in Holy Quran: "So when the stars are blotted out…"