Aug 07, 2018 09:45 UTC

Welcome to this week's episode of the series Let's Know Islam. Today, we continue to discuss the developments that take place in the Day of Resurrection.

On the verge of Day of Resurrection, major changes take place across the seas, lands, and mountains. Given that a major portion of earth's surface is covered with seas, and seas are an important source for the existence of mankind and all other creatures on earth; seas are considered as one of the major divine blessings.

A number of ayahs of Holy Quran refer to seas' importance and role.

For instance, the 14th ayah of Surat Al-Nahl in Holy Quran notes: "It is He who disposed the sea for your benefit that you may eat from its fresh meat, and obtain from it ornaments, which you wear – and you see ships plowing through it – and that you may seek of His grace, and that you may give thanks."

In this ayah, God Almighty mentions three benefits of seas. One of these benefits is fresh meat. Seas are considered as one of the most important sources of food for mankind. Seas have always provided fresh fish for feeding mankind.

One of the other benefits of seas, are the ornaments which are extracted from seas. In the sacred religion of Islam, usage of ornaments such as clean and tidy clothing, perfumes, and gems are considered as good deeds, as long as it would not lead to extravagance.

Based on this ayah, the other benefit of seas is commutation of ships across seas, with the intention of meeting mankind's needs. God has placed sea waters as a soft and flexible bedding for ships to sail. The floatation of ships over sea waters is another blessing bestowed by God Almighty.

Today, large and small ships sail across the oceans, transporting commodities to different parts of the world. It is interesting to know that sea routes cost less and are vaster, in comparison to roads.

Now, let's see what developments occur throughout seas on the verge of Day of Resurrection.

The 6th ayah of Surat al-Takwir in Holy Quran notes: "and when the seas are set afire."

As you know, water is made of hydrogen and oxygen molecules; both of which are highly inflammable. Some experts believe that on the brink of Day of Resurrection, sea waters disintegrate under immense pressure, and due to the release of hydrogen and oxygen molecules, seas are set afire. Meanwhile, exegetes of Holy Quran, based on their interpretations of this ayah, have also stated a number of other points on the situation of seas on the Day of Resurrection.

The 3rd ayah of Surat al-Infitar in the Holy Quran, points to a development on the Day of Resurrection, noting: "When the seas are merged…"

Although currently all seas across the world are interconnected, however, on the brink of Day of Resurrection, due to huge earthquakes, destruction of the mountains, and their fall into sea waters, the level of sea waters may rise, resulting in coverage of lands with turbulent waters; with seas transforming into a huge ocean.

In this manner, this world ends in the wake of huge changes and developments in the sky and on earth on the brink of Day of Resurrection. Then, after a period of time, which only God is aware of, the Day of Resurrection occurs.

The 68th ayah of Surat al-Zumar in Holy Quran points: "And the Trumpet will be blown, and whoever is in the heavens will swoon and whoever is on earth, except whomever Allah wishes. Then it will be blown a second time, behold, they will rise up, looking on!"

At the end of the world, and beginning of the Day of Resurrection, two sudden developments transpire. Upon blowing the Trumpet for the first time, every individual who lives in skies and earth die with the exception of those, who God wants. Meanwhile, after the Trumpet is blown for the second time, humans are revived, leaving their graves and awaiting their fate.

The 51st ayah of Surat Ya Sin in Holy Quran notes: And when the Trumpet is blown, behold, there they will be, scrambling from their graves towards their Lord!

Reviving the dead is easy for God. Upon the divine instruction, the decomposed human bones are revived. In this manner, humans scramble from their graves and embark upon the Day of Resurrection.

This part of the said ayah which points out "they will be scrambling from their graves towards their Lord" clearly shows that the Day of Resurrection, in addition to maintaining a spiritual aspect, maintains a physical aspect too.

The 52nd ayah of Surat Ya Sin in Holy Quran refers to the confusion of those who denied the Day of Resurrection, after scrambling from their graves, noting: "They will say, 'Woe to us! Who raised us from our place of sleep?' 'This is what the All-beneficent had promised, and the apostles had spoken the truth!'

Furthermore, the 53rd ayah of Surat Ya Sin notes: "It will be but a single Cry, and, behold, they will all be presented before Us"

This ayah refers to the second time which Trumpet is blown, leading to the occurrence of Day of Resurrection. At that point, everyone scrambles from their graves and are revived, attending before God for the study of their deeds.

The 20th ayah of Surat Qaf notes: Then the Trumpet will be blown: 'This is the promised day.'

The 21st ayah of Surat Qaf points out the situation of individuals at the time of entry to Day of Resurrection: "Then every soul will come accompanied by a driver and a witness."

This means that an angel directs the individual toward the divine court, and another angel bears witness to the individual's deeds.

So, we should maintain insight and make utmost efforts to prepare ourselves for the Day of Judgement.