Aug 11, 2018 11:58 UTC
  • Status of Women in the West (3)

One of the basics of feminism which is propagated as freedom and independence of women is escaping from family bonds and marital commitments.

In an article titled "New Family Structures" published on UNESCO Message magazine, it is written that with this way of free life (feminism) women are no more obligated, in the curtailed and inflexible method of the past, to choose one of being a wife, a mother, or have a job. Such a thought brought about bitter consequences for western women one of which was the so-called sexual revolution and a hike of illegitimate births in the west.

An American writer describes the American society, saying, "In 1957, 90% of the people believed that refusal of military service was the symptom of a disease, psychosis or promiscuity. Over half of the women in the US were married in the age of 20 and people would feel sorry for the 25 year-old girls who were single. In 1962, when then US president John F. Kennedy announced that the United States will send human being to the moon, most of the young women in the US wished to marry at the age of 21, quit work and have 4 children."

But what is noteworthy is that in a short period the life and thought of women underwent major change. Western analysts believe that the activities of feminists on one hand and the spread of contraceptive pills on the other hand led American women toward immoral sexual behavior heedless of the repercussions of illegitimate conception. Researchers call the period as "sexual revolution", the period which caused spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Before 1950s (spread of sexual debauchery), there were just 2 types of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) while this figure has currently increased to 24. The US Health Department must spend approximately 17 billion dollars to tackle these diseases.

Another outcome of the sexual revolution is the soaring of illegitimate births and abortion. Every year at least 1 million cases of abortion are reported. This means nearly the total number of American deaths in its wars during the 240 years of coming to existence of the country called the United States of America.

Although the US is the pioneer of illegitimate births and abortion and suchlike sordid acts, other western countries are also in lockstep with the US. This has been confirmed in the report of World Family Map 2014. The report describes the unprecedented increase of illegitimate children an outcome of "decrease of marriage rate" and written that the highest figure of illegitimate births is related to the central and southern America and western Europe. The report adds that France with 56% and Sweden with 55% are the first and second countries in illegitimate birth and Britain stands in the third place. This figure is 55% for Mexico and 84% for Colombia which has the highest rate of illegitimate children in the world. Countries of West Asia (Middle East as the westerners call the region), however, have the lowest rate of illegitimate births (less than 5%) as the family structure is firm and sacred among them.

The sexual revolution in the west has the damaged the life of young girls, too. For instance, according to the report of American magazine, Reader's Digest, 350 thousand teenager girls aged 15-19 become pregnant and give birth annually due to illegitimate sexual relations. This figure is on the rise every year. Wishing to marry their boyfriends, completion of studies, starting an ideal life and finding a suitable job, they fall victim to carnal desires of male partners and have to assume the consequences of a sinful act. Many of the children of such relations will be deprived of a healthy and natural life forever.

In this part of the program let us listen to the views of the specialist of the program, Ms. Akhundan, "According to the western sociologists and psychologists, illegitimate sexual relations and cohabitation in the west has direct relationship with the feminist parameters especially unbridled relations between men and women. Today one of the biggest problems of the western society is the pregnancy and childbirth among teenage girls. Illegitimate children have an ominous fate in the west. These children spend hard times with their parents or relatives or the life in children care centers. Worse is the humiliating title of "foundling" that these children should shoulder till the end of their life. Illegitimate children are the cause of many crises, insecurity and perversion in the western communities. Abortion is another consequence of unbridled sexual relations and threatens the life of many women. To this we should add sexually transmitted diseases and hygienic threats which have targeted the life of people in the west. This is just a part of the consequences of feminist thoughts which leads to promiscuous sexual relations between men and women."

Laura Lipmann from Radio 4 of Britain says that the children resulting from illegitimate sexual relations and extramarital bonds will face very high rate of distress and stress in life. Illegitimate children in the west have a bleak and bitter destiny. They are doomed to live a hard life in a single-parent family or at children care centers. These children are the cause of many crimes and calamitous incidents in the west, especially the US. Today, many of the feminist currents in the west call the mothers of these children as "experiencing and independent" and describe their children as "in need of care". This, while western thinkers follow the issue with concern. Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, was one of these people. He said, "The western secularism is essentially a cultural wave in which hedonism, self-gratification and consumption are the essential definitions of "good life". While this unbridled idea has prevailed a great part of the west, it breeds the sperm of cultural self-destruction in itself."

These concerns have made western thinkers and sociologists conclude that there is just one exit way from this crisis, and that is returning to the family-oriented lifestyle. The family unit has always been the core and engine of communities, cultures and civilizations. If it is put in the real place, this sacred institution will reform the huge family of humanity; or else it will lead to the precipice of decadence and total obliteration.