Aug 11, 2018 12:14 UTC

Feminism started in the US in mid-19th century claiming to defend women's rights. This movement raised its demands in three periods and had very detrimental consequences for western societies. Adoption of pervert and extremist stances by feminists, besides other factors, caused moral decadence in western societies one of which is the prevalence of homosexuality. Before continuing the program, let us listen to the remarks of the expert of the program, Ms. Akhundan:

"Normalization of homosexuality in the new century has turned into a common thing in some countries where it is considered as part of freedom of action and expression. One of the advocates of homosexuality are the feminist institutions active in the field of lesbianism. Feminists welcomed homosexuality with the motto that personal affair is a political affair. Thus, it should be said that feminists support homosexuality for its political nature. At the onset of political homosexuality in the 1970s, feminism for the first time started its all-out activities in this domain so that lesbianism was considered synonymous with feminism for a while. Feminists, via publication of various books and articles, in fact called on women to revolt against male dominant structures in society through abandoning marriage to men. Of course, it must be said that not every branch of feminism is supportive of homosexuality."

Homosexuality has been one of the most repulsive human behaviors since old times and it has been castigated in most religions and cultures. This phenomenon has been in the rise in the west and the number of families which intend to live with two or more homosexuals is highly increasing. This has been taken into consideration by some of the feminists. The feminists' support for homosexuality was not a part of the principles of the movement, but for the past five decades, the idea of so-called equality of men and women propagated by feminists has made them support homosexuality. Some of the feminists have described lesbianism as one of the best ways to gain sexual pleasure without worrying about pregnancy, and the hardships of pregnancy and maternity. They have dubbed campaign against homosexuality as a cause for suppression of women. Feminists such as Sheila Jeffreys, Adrienne Rich, Charlotte Bunch and Rita Mae Brown are considered as major promoters of this thought. Jeffreys has authored books and articles on revolting of women against male dominance in society.

Nevertheless, there are still some feminists who oppose homosexuality. Betty Friedan believes that lesbianism has distanced feminism form its primary objectives such as equality of employment. In a meeting in 1977, she banned the presence of lesbian women in the meeting. Feminist supporting lesbianism consider this method as a replacement for moral maternal model and describe it as a correct pattern which enables women to serve each other in single-sex societies!!

Feminism introduces family as the main place of oppression against women and the most important cause of their inferiority. It has undermined this scared social unit and shaken familial relations in the west. This has gone to the extent that today one of the greatest problems in the liberal-democratic societies is the breakup of family. As family is broken and marriage is devalued, naturally men and women will be inclined to excessive promiscuity, lack of commitment in sexual relations and ultimately homosexuality. Furthermore, homosexual families will increase. These families will even adopt some children and try to legalize their demands. At a confab in the United States, the attending bishops announced that sexual relations between the same sexes are legal under "certain conditions". Currently, homosexuals hold official ceremonies in some of the states of America. For the past years, gays, lesbians and unconventional families have tried their utmost to gain access to what they call social rights including same-sex marriage, access to pregnancy services, acceptance of second parent and privileges of sexual partner.

Homosexuality and its repercussions like AIDS were seen in the United States for the first time.; because sexual promiscuity is absolutely free in the US in the most varied and most extremist way. According to the studies, only 65% of Americans are opposed to homosexuality. Such a favorable climate has caused some of the contemporary feminists consider homosexual families as a good substitute for "traditional families" and call them "happy families".

The spread of homosexuality has had very dangerous consequences in western societies. Research shows that breast cancer, obesity, alcoholism, smoking and lack of children have seriously increased among lesbians. Moreover, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the rate of alcohol and drug consumption is much higher among homosexuals and transsexuals compared with ordinary people. Experts are of the opinion that these relations have destructive effect on human organs and psyche. Homosexuality, besides hygienic and psychological harms, is in absolute contrast with human nature. That's why divine religions, including Islam, strictly oppose this sordid act.

The ideological and value system of Islam has its roots in divine commands which guarantee the good and evil in every domain of human life. But feminism springs from carnal desires which can never be called values. The Islamic teachings on family and its function are focused on the differences between the two sexes and their rights and duties; while feminism, bolding the status of human being vs. God and stressing the sameness of two sexes (under the guise of equality), has planned for family. This manmade planning will never bring tranquility as it does not conform with human nature.

We human beings, let us refer to what our Creator has told us and not what our carnal and mean desires drive us toward.