Aug 11, 2018 12:19 UTC
  • Status of Women in the West (6)

In the name of God. As you know, violence against women has caused countless individual and social problems in the current era. Amnesty International, in a report, described violence against women as the most universal instance of violation of human rights.

In spite of the broad propaganda of the western media, women in the so-called developed countries are suffering from insecurity no less than the women in the developing countries. The World Health Organization issued a resolution in which it described violence against women as follows: Any violent and gender-related behavior which causes physical and psychological harm or suffering of women. Such a behavior can take place through the usage of threat, coercion or total denial of will and freedom in public or secrecy.

Any kind of violence can cause depression, anxiety, fear, decrease of self-confidence, obsession, sleep and eating disorder, self-reproach, communication disorder and so on. Fracture, hurting the internal organs, inflammatory diseases, suicide or homicide are other consequences of violence. World Health Organization claims to control violence against women as its priority. Violence against women has various kinds including those that are conducted outdoors. Evidences show that women in the western societies are seriously lacking security both at home and workplace. According to the research of the US George Mason University, one out of every three American women, has experienced sexual harassment in her life. of course, the reality is far more than statistics. As per these statistics, nearly 20% of the American women have been raped at least once in their life. Moreover, approximately 44% of the American women are sexually harassed. The statistics of RAINN website indicate that, averagely, 293,000 cases of rape are registered every year for women over 12 in the US. The website adds that some 70% of these rapes are not reported to the police and 98% of the culprits do not go behind bars even a single day!!! Virtually none of them!!!!! These shocking figures further expose the ineffective and sick social system in the United States.

The rate of violence against women is very shocking in Europe, too. According to the reports, 1/4 of the Swedish women are raped which is a very painful figure. Statistics indicate that at least 1/5 of the British women have experienced sexual violence before the age of 16. Another piece of news indicates that, according to the British media, just a very insignificant part of sexual harassments at the British campuses are exposed and the announced figures are not true. An institute of campaigning violence against women in Britain has announced that one third of the students in the country are scared of commuting at the campus at night.

Statistics show that the rate of rape has increased in Canada in recent years, too. As per the report of journalists, at least 460,000 rapes occur in the country every year.

The abolition of old women in France and misconduct against immigrant women has increased in the country, yet no measure has been taken in this regard. According to the investigations, 55% of European women have been sexually harassed in their life. Violence against women is so rampant in the western societies whereas their governments claim to defend human rights and women's rights and masquerade as ideal societies in the world. This, while the victimized women dare not file a complaint against the perpetrators; and even if a complaint is filed the police and the judicial system do not do anything against the criminals.

Another issue that threatens the women in the west is the trafficking of girls and women. Statistics show that sexual trade is very lucrative in Europe and governments have allocated a very low money on campaigning the phenomenon. They have also designated insignificant punishments for the perpetrators. Instead of returning the victims to their countries, many of the police personnel even sexually abuse them once they get access to them. Official researches in the US reveal that every year over 100,000 girls below the legal age are the victims of sexual slavery. In Washington, the girls of nearly 13 years old are sold to sexual slavery.

If the relation between a man and woman is reciprocal and bilateral it will lead to legitimate or illegitimate bond; but if it is unilateral and the woman does not like the relation it will lead to sexual violence and harassment. This has intensively increased in the western societies for the past decades. That's why the industrialized countries, especially the US, have doubted their early mottos of freedom of women in public places and, giving a list of "dos and don'ts" for women, try to reduce the risks of sexual abuse.

Reports from western countries such as the United States and Spain show that the women active in sexual trade get the name of their commercial owners as tattoo on their body. The western women are in an unbridled crisis as the family unit has totally disintegrated. In view of this, the western women not only have not found equal rights with men; but they have been devoid of their identity. As a matter of fact, with the lapse of over a century from the promulgation of feminism in the west, not only these currents have not achieved their aspirations they have also led to total ignorance and oblivion of the women's basic rights and security.

Now let us conclude this episode with the remarks of the expert of the affairs of family and women, Ms. Akhundan,

"The western countries are masquerading support of women and their media pretend to be the saviors of women in the world while, a brief study on the status of women in Europe and America, reveals the realities beyond this humanitarian gestures more than ever. In the west, women are treated violently merely because of being women. According to Annika Flensburg, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden who is also in charge of media affairs of Amnesty International, the judicial system in the west doesn't recognize many violent behaviors against women whereas women have little right of choice and- if they leave their husband- they have no other way and there are few safe houses."

Ms. Akhundan adds, "Prostitution as a trade, instrumental view on woman and trafficking of women and girls are the current problems in the west. Trafficking of women is the third lucrative trade after arms and narcotics trafficking. It has its roots in the spread of poverty, war, joblessness, unawareness of women, breakup of family structure and weakening of spirituality and ethics. Ther mafia gangs are one of the main causes of trafficking of women. They exploit chaotic conditions especially poverty, joblessness and destructive effects of war to smuggle women and make extortionate profits."