Aug 18, 2018 10:19 UTC

In this episode of the Iranian Market we discuss Iran’s clothing industry or garment industry which is a subdivision of textile industry. Now we have more about this Iranian activity.

In today’s world, the role of clothing industry as the final production of textile industry is significant. The products of clothing industry in addition to fulfilling the need of human to cover his body, is symbol of a society’s culture. 

Also in the global market, this Industry due to different reasons including job creation is one of the important industries, especially in the markets of developing countries.

In textile and clothing industries due to the long chain of production which starts from agriculture and petrochemical sectors and ends in producing final goods, there’s always a high number of job vacancies. 

Clothing industry is a high value- added industry. In this industry with just natural yarns worth less than two dollars, one can produce a T-shirt worth about 80 dollars.

One of the other positive points of clothing industry is its good potentiality in the field of export.

Today many countries across the world have invested in clothing sector in order to supply the domestic market and to export the goods abroad. 

According to figures, more than 50 percent of textile industry exports in countries like Spain, Italy, Turkey, China, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka is allocated to clothing industry. 

According to a World Trade Organization (WTO) report, the value of exporting goods in the sector of clothing industry was more than 400 billion dollars in 2013 which constituted 2.5 percent of all the exporting products. 

Right now the economic value of global clothing market is about 1,100 billion dollars. 

European countries, Japan and the US are the major consumers of global clothing markets. These countries are home to one third of the world population. The rest of the world population that is about 65 percent only consume 25 percent of the clothes in the global market.

According to estimates, the global apparel market is expected to grow remarkably in 2025. It is expected that the value of global apparel market will surpass 2 trillion dollars in 2025.

In 2025, China and India would be the main hubs of growth in global apparel market. 

Today Asia is the biggest producer and distributor of apparel products in the world. 

Asia is now on the verge of entering the new phase of domestic consumption. 

It is said in 2025, Asia’s domestic trade in the field of apparel will reach an economic value of about 350 billion dollars which doubles the number of the current amount.

Textile and garment industry has 7000 years' background in Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran with more than 80 million population has the annual value of 14.5 billion dollars' garment consumption. 

There is a good perspective about Iran’s apparel market because of its historical background in producing these products as well as having thousands of production units and workforce. 

Right now in Iran about 280,000 people are working in this sector.

The economic value of these activities is about 14 to 15 billion dollars that is expected to double by 2025. 

Iran has the advantage of accessing to raw material effortlessly by the ability of producing raw materials such as cotton, wool and petrochemical yarn. 

Iran can offer Iranian design, style and production having inspired by several thousand years of culture and civilization.

Due to its geographical location, energy resources and low- cost labor, Iran can have very fast growth in fashion and garment industry.

In Iran there are several famous garment brands such as Barak, Jamee, Gerad, Patan Jame, Hacoopian, Maxim, Denis Trico and Teen Poosh that the record activity of some of them is nearly half a century.

Among other Iranian garment brands mention can be made of Tanedorost which is a natural fiber clothing brand. This brand aims to expand the culture of the use of garments obtained from natural fibers as well as respecting the nature.

It should be noted that in Iran relevant organizations in the garment sector by holding festivals and competitions try to familiarize Iranian experts with the currents potentialities including the designs of clothes, qualitative promotion of the designs by casting a scientific look at garment industry, as well as presentation of new ideas in designing clothes.