Jan 08, 2019 17:08 UTC

Today, we elaborate upon the goal and prophecy of universities, academics, and students in the view of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him).

As a reminder, last week we spoke of the pivotal standpoints of late Imam on university, students and academics, and pointed out that university, as the source of developments within the community, and students and academics, as one of the important and influential strata in the country, maintain an elevated status in the views of late Imam. It was also noted that late Imam, by presenting a comprehensive analysis of the view of divine religion of Islam on science and knowledge; named acquirement of knowledge and faith in God as essentials for personal and social growth. It was also underscored that universities should establish and maintain a solid and reassuring bond with people's values and needs, for the sake of community's prosperity in the mortal world and Hereafter. Today, we find out the goals of universities, academics, and students in late Imam's outlook.

The first goal of universities in late Imam's view, is creation of committed individuals, who have experienced spiritual growth. Late Imam considered universities in line with seminaries, which educate and bring up committed and knowledgeable individuals, who do not submit to injustice, and do not betray their country.

Late Imam believed that the rescue or destruction of the country is at the hands of universities, and is tied to the terms of upbringing of youths.

The Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him) noted that: In any given country, the role of universities is to build human beings. A university graduate may rescue or destroy a country. Universities play this important role.

Late Imam Khomeini named one of the other goals of university as protection and safeguard of the principles, ideals, and accomplishments of the Islamic Revolution, while urging the revolutionary university lecturers and students to safeguard the independence and freedom that has been granted to the Iranian nation, thanks to the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution.

Furthermore, late Imam, in his divine and political testament, called on university academics and students to courageous stand up against any possible derailment, so that the ideals of the Islamic Revolution are safeguarded and maintained.

Late Imam believed that protection of the country's independence is feasible via maintenance of the independence of universities, and ideological and political independence from the interferences of Western and Eastern states.

Late Imam underscored that universities and academics are duty-bound to bring up independent and self-confident youths.

Imam Khomeini strongly believed in exporting the Islamic Revolution to other countries of the world, based on a cultural model; while naming university academics as one of the most important strata, who via their enlightening remarks, can pave the way for the cultural influence of the Islamic Revolution, and promotion of the values and ideals of the Islamic Revolution among the oppressed and downtrodden nations of the world. Late Imam also noted that one of the effective factors in exporting the ideals of the Islamic Revolution is the success of the sacred Islamic system in meeting the historical needs and demands of people, and on this basis, named growth and development as prerequisites to exporting the Islamic Revolution to the world. The Father of Islamic Revolution, late Imam, also assessed academics' contribution to country's growth and development as highly effective and significant.

Late Imam considered independent and Islamic universities as a source of inspiration for university students in other countries, especially within Islamic countries.

Late Imam underlined: "Throughout the course of history, committed youths, especially Muslim youths in the current generation and future generations, have been the inspirational assets of the divine religion of Islam and Islamic countries. These youths; via their commitment, perseverance, and steadfastness, can save the Islamic Ummah and their own countries."