Feb 25, 2019 12:24 UTC

Pakistan has become the hub of terrorism in the region with terrorists finding safe havens in that country carrying out deadly attacks to kill the citizens of neighbouring countries, such as Iran, Afghanistan, and India. The Islamic Republic of Iran, despite its goodwill towards Pakistan, has been the frequent victim of terrorist attacks from the soil of its neighbour, which continues to ignore the protests from Tehran.

Now we have a viewpoint column that appeared in this regard in Iran’s English language daily ‘Kayhan International’, titled: "Is Pakistan willing to extricate itself from the terrorist hold?

Kayhan International said: “In August 1947 when Pakistan emerged as a new country, the Ummah worldwide, including Muslims in Iran, welcomed it as an Islamic Republic, hoping it would serve as a model administration for aspiring Muslim nations, many of whom were still living under the colonial yoke or monarchial tyranny.

“Britain, however, made sure that nothing of this sort will ever happen, and by leaving the picturesque Muslim-majority Himalayan land of Kashmir as a bone of bloody contention between India and Pakistan, laid the foundations of an unending war that would breed terrorist tendencies, including state terrorism, on either side of the arbitrarily drawn borders of so-called democratically elected systems of government.

“At the same time, the US, as the new superpower, while pushing India into the arms of the Soviet Union during the height of the cold war, took over Pakistan to turn it into an instable state ruled by a string of military officers – either directly through coups by generals or indirectly through weak, corrupt, and easy-to-bribe supposedly elected civilian administrations.

“In such a situation, it was but natural for superrich mischief mongers, like the UAE and Saudi Arabia, themselves Washington’s loyal servants allied covertly with the Zionists, to dole out huge quantities of alms to cash-strapped Islamabad in order to provide bases for Takfiri terrorists targeting neibhbouring countries.

“The result has been catastrophic. Pakistan has been turned into a breeding ground of terrorism, which recently saw two deadly blasts in Iran and India that left scores of security personnel dead or wounded.”

According to Kayhan International: “It is an open secret that Pakistan, which has denied involvement in the Phulwana blast that left over 42 Indian soldiers dead, is actively involved in the deteriorating situation in Indian-administered Kashmir, but how can it justify the killing of the 27 Iranian security personnel in Sistan-Baluchistan Province by terrorists based on its soil?

“The answer is obvious, despite the denials from Islamabad. Pakistan, whose elected prime minister stooped to the level of a chauffeur to a murderous criminal like the Saudi Heir Apparent, Mohamed bin Salman (MBS), on his recent state visit, might do anything for a fistful of petrodollars, even if it means harming a friendly neighbour like the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Iran hates to see the descent of Pakistan into a failed state, if not splinter into weak statelets, which the Americans and Israelis desire. It wants the government of Pakistan to realize the catastrophic course it has chosen. Tehran thinks there is still time for Islamabad to rectify its wrongs by expelling all terrorists from its soil, or agree to the Islamic Republic’s proposal for joint strikes on terrorist bases in Pakistan.

“Patience, however, is running thin, and in case of feet dragging, Iran will have no other option but to exercise its right to conduct military operations itself against the terrorists and their bases in Pakistan.

“Of course, this might set an unsavoury precedent, with other neighbouring states suffering from cross-border terrorism from Pakistan, such as Afghanistan and India, deciding to act on their own.

“Therefore, to avoid such a situation, we expect the government of Pakistan to stop its delaying tactics and join its well-wishers in cleansing Balochistan state of the filth of the Saudi-American-Zionist supported terrorists.”