May 15, 2019 17:01 UTC

The Month of the Divine Banquet is here with its spiritual bounties that strengthen the hearts and souls of believers, and make them capable of defeating the plots of the enemies of humanity.

In this regard, Columnist S. Nawabzadeh has written a Viewpoint for Iran’s English language daily ‘Kayhan International’, titled: “The Enlightening Message of Ramadhan which the Criminals Fear”.  

S. Nawabzadeh wrote in Kayhan International: “The blessed month of fasting has started with Muslims the world over, despite the crises they are facing in most parts of the globe, setting aside their problems of daily life, gathering in groups for worship of the One and Only God and vying with each for helping the have-nots of the society.

“Indeed, the spirit of the Ramadhan ought to be properly appreciated. It is the season of spiritual strengthening that makes the individual, the societies, and even entire countries rise above mundane material concerns, to strive towards the proximity of the Loving Creator, Who will never disappoint the believers.

“It is God Alone Who is the Succour for the promised triumph of the Ummah, in an era when politicians of Muslim countries lack the degree of faith to fulfill their promises, while the enemies of Islam relish repressing Muslims and worsening their plight.

“The Rohingya Muslims are prime victims of such a genocide unleashed by the regime in Myanmar. Millions have been driven out from their homes and hearths and are living in refugee camps, especially in Bangladesh. Yet despite their suffering they haven’t lost hope in the Mercy of Allah. Even in squalid conditions they observe the rituals of Ramadhan.

“The Palestinians provide another example of a persecuted Muslim people. On the eve of Ramadhan, the Gazans were subjected to massive bombardment by the racist terroristic Zionist regime. Many are still in a state of mourning after having buried their martyrs and bravely blunted the Israeli offensive with a barrage of some six hundred missiles.

“Nonetheless, the Month of God invigorates them and strengthens their spirit of resistance, with firm belief in the Divine Promise that sooner, rather than later, Israel will cease to exist on the map of the world and Bayt al-Moqaddas will return to the fold of Islam.”

The Kayhan International Columnist pointed out: “Another oppressed nation is Yemen, which is in the grip of a fierce five-year war. It is being subjected to almost daily bombardment by Saudi Arabia, a so-called Muslim country that worships at the altar of American imperialism and Zionism, while adhering to the heretical Wahhabi cult, which the British had created in the 18th century.

“The regime in Riyadh doesn’t respect Ramadhan, although it resorts to hypocrisy by arranging free Iftar meals at the holy shrines of Mecca and Medina, while the bulk of its revenues are channeled to the US for use against world Muslims.

 “The Saudis who hold most of the Muslims of Arabia in thrall, are in league with the despicable Zionists and that Godless scoundrel called Donald Trump, who is the incarnation of the Devil.

“May God damn the dirty criminal Trump, and his team of thugs, such as the gangster Mike Pompeo and the bespectacled bozo John Bolton! Amen

“This terrorist trio pours venom is the sworn enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, because it fears that the liberating message of Islam from Tehran which has decisively defeated the Takfiri terrorists, will one day unite the whole Ummah against the satanic elements.

“For this reason, the US is resorting to every conceivable mischief to try to undermine Islamic Iran, but to no avail, since devout Iranian Muslims, who gather regularly in the holy shrines to beseech the All-Merciful God in the month of Ramadhan, can also make mountains move and seas part if they invoke Divine Wrath on the Americans and the Zionists. 

“Washington is in fact, the archenemy of not just all Muslims, but also of the freedom loving Christians of Venezuela.”

According to Columnist S. Nawabzadeh: “In this month of the Divine Banquet spread out for the believers, it is thus our duty to raise our inner awareness through acts of worship as well as social activities, which are not just crucial for self-reform and the firming of faith, but provide solace to those in constant trouble, such as the Palestinians, the Yemenis, the Syrians, the Bahrainis, the Afghans, the Rohingyas, and all other others who pray, fast and read the holy Qur’an, under constant fears of death and destruction.

“The social media is one of the fastest and most efficient ways today to raise awareness about any topic. This means we are not living in isolation, and are well aware of the famous saying of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA):

One who is negligent of the situation of Muslims, cannot be called a Muslim.

“Ramadhan thus provides the finest opportunity for the believers to work for the betterment of the self and the society, and strive to defeat the hordes of Satan at a time when such Godless criminals as Trump, the Zionists, the white supremacists who massacred praying Muslims in New Zealand, and the Takfiri terrorists who killed Christians in Sri Lanka on Easter, have ganged up together to tarnish the humanitarian message of Islam as preached by the Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace upon them all).