October 7 marked the 16th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan.

The  US-led coalition attacked the country on the allegation that Washington’s own terrorist mastermind, Saudi national Osama bin Laden and his men were involved in the September 11, 2001 destruction of New York’s 110-storey twin-tower World Trade Center, that was actually brought down through implosion rather than the make-belief crashing of two supposedly hijacked aircraft, which in reality were pilotless. RAWA or the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, has released a statement in this regard as follows:

 “Sixteen years ago, the criminal US army, with the partnership of the English colonizers, invaded our country under the pretext of “war on terror” and the dismantling of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The invaders overthrew and annihilated its Taliban stooges in a few weeks, but installed these terrorist hyenas, drenched in the blood of thousands of people, instead.

“The US occupier and its NATO partners have killed thousands of innocent Afghans during their military operations, B-52 bombardments, and drone strikes. In its latest report, the ICC or International Criminal Court revealed the shocking physical and psychological torture methods used by the US military personnel on Afghan civilians in secret CIA prisons. But this report failed to shock the conscience of Afghan officials, or intellectuals who talk their heads off in TV appearances as “experts” and “political analysts”, because most of these sold-out traitors do not dare to stand against their masters.

“The sixteen year war of the US in Afghanistan, which Noam Chomsky, the respectable American thinker, called “the most hideous crime in recent years”, turned our war-ravaged country into one completely dependent on imperialism. The most corrupt and anti-national elements and groups are in power today.

Recently, SIGAR’s John Sopko stated: “We spent millions of dollars to fix a minister’s office to turn it into a palace… [the Afghan government leaders should] prosecute corrupt commanders within the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF)…”

RAWA continued in its statement: “Hamid Karzai and now Ashraf Ghani, raised slogans on fighting corruption to deceive people, but their actions in the best case were limited to arresting a few low-ranking officials, while the entire apparatus from Arg to ministries and the Parliament are occupied by kings of corruption who enjoy the unconditional support of the US.

“Most recently, the corruption scandal of the Parliament Speaker, Abdur-Rauf Ibrahimi, the well-known follower of the controversial Hekmatyar Gulbuddin, came to light.

“The heads of the mafia in Afghanistan and their intellectual lackeys are overjoyed with the announcement of the so-called “new strategy” by the quixotic US president, Donald Trump, because this strategy will prolong their ominous life. But the truth is, that this “new” strategy is not really new, and is the continuation of the warmongering and aggression policies of the US which will further sink our country in occupation and the bloody rivalries of world powers.

“The increase in the number of US troops in Afghanistan is not to secure the country or annihilate the US creations, the Taliban and Daesh, but rather to show its power to its rivals, Russia, China and Iran. A few weeks had not passed since the strategy was announced, and tens of civilians were killed in the blind bombardments of the criminal US army in several parts of Afghanistan.

“The US will try to finance its new war costs by plundering the minerals of Afghanistan, as Trump mentioned it in a meeting with Ghani and the president unfortunately accepted the demand immediately.”

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, continued in its statement: “The people who are cheering for the US “pressuring” Pakistan are forgetting that the terrorist-fostering army of Pakistan has trained and exported the most bloodthirsty and reactionary groups to our country in the past several decades, in accordance with the orders and dollars of the White House. The US was also well-informed on the role of Pakistan in empowering the Taliban over the past sixteen years, but still gave billions of dollars in aid and military equipment to the country because the West needed its Taliban creations to justify its military presence and legalize its war in Afghanistan.

“Trump basically attempted to drag Pakistan and India into a war in Afghanistan, and warned Pakistan on its growing relations with Russia and China, rather than actually pressurizing it to stop the nurturing of the Taliban.

“Criminals like Abdur-Rashid Dostum and others, who have treachery running in their blood, are parading themselves as representatives of the non-Pashtun ethnicities and using deceptive terminologies like “decentralization of power” to lock horns with the Pashtun leadership of Ghani, Gulbuddin, Hanif Atmar, Masoom Stanikzai, and others, over their share of power.

“Flaring tribal, linguistic and sectarian conflicts has been pivotal to the US imperialist plans in Afghanistan, so the US can prevent the unity and mobilization of our people by sinking them in this quagmire, and carry out its dark plans in Afghanistan and the region without facing any difficulties.

RAWA or the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, concluded its statement by saying:

“Dear compatriots. Driving away foreign occupiers for independence, is the first step in defeating the Taliban, Daesh and their regional supporters. It is only by cutting off the hands of foreign invaders that their stooges will be left orphaned, and the struggle of our people and the defenders of justice and democracy to overthrow these traitors and criminals will become easier. Otherwise, the US presence in our country will result in terrorism, drug trade, corruption, insecurity, and poverty finding a permanent place here.

“The mouthpieces and propaganda machines of the West try to whitewash the painful reality of Afghanistan and the evil policies of the US, but the truth is that history proves that no nation has attained prosperity and progress under a criminal foreign power and its puppet government. Our people cannot escape from this disaster and misery unless they take their fate into their own hands under the leadership of a progressive force.”

That was taken from Globalresearch website.



Oct 11, 2017 10:37 UTC