The following is a Viewpoint Column that appeared in this regard in Iran’s English language daily Kayhan International titled: “US Behind Cowardly Attempt on Venezuelan President’s Life”.

As is crystal clear by its criminal actions, the latest being the terrorist attempt on the life of President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, the US is the embodiment of evil, which has assumed alarming proportions under the thuggish Donald Trump, and as any sane person knows, it is only simpletons and politically naïve persons who believe talks, deals and negotiations with Washington, even after blatant breach of its own commitments, can provide relief to their countries’ economic woes, ironically the result of the devilish designs of the American administration.

Kayhan International wrote: “The abortive drone attack on Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday, while he was addressing a military parade in Caracas on the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard – named in honour of Simeon Bolivar the famous liberator of most of South America from Spanish colonial rule – once again showed to the world the terrorist nature of the US.

“Although Washington was quick to deny its involvement in the cowardly attempt on the life of a Head of State opposed to its hegemonic policies, there was no denying of the fact that US agents, whether in Venezuela or in neighbouring Colombia, carried out the terrorist attack.

“Speculations are rife. It is said the evil mind behind Saturday’s clumsy attack that didn’t yield the desired result was the notorious American spying agency, the CIA, as a rehearsal to a direct US missile attack in future on some more important anti-American figure feared by Washington.

“Whatever the intentions and irrespective of the devilish designs of the ‘Great Satan’ who is terrorism incarnate and should on no account be trusted, it revealed to the whole world that Donald Trump is not just a dotard but a dastard as well.

“In other words, the Caracas attack is an eye-opener for most of the free world and has accelerated efforts to provide foolproof, impenetrable, and invulnerable security, without any risk, for important world figures whether they address public gatherings or receive visitors at their places of residence.

“To be more precise, world countries need zero tolerance in such cases of cowardly state terrorism, and should immediately retaliate with full force against the principal perpetrators by completely rejecting the denials the habitual liars might issue in the aftermath.”

Kayhan International pointed out: “President Maduro, as successor to the legendry Hugo Chavez who if alive would have cut to size the overgrown runt, Donald Trump, should thank God for his survival and now aim with precision at the head of the snake in Washington, whose venom emerges through the fangs of ultra-right elements in Venezuela, Colombia and elsewhere.

“Those captured may or may not disclose the fact during interrogation of being direct hirelings of the US Administration, though President Maduro has said: “Preliminary investigation indicates that many of those responsible for the attack, the financiers and planners, live in the United States in the state of Florida.”

“He also warned the opposition, which instead of joining the revolutionary mainstream resorts to sporadic bursts of violence at the instigation of the US without realizing the damage being done to their own country: “I guarantee, you can live in this country peacefully, but if something happens to me, you will have to face millions of Campesinos and humble people making justice with their own hands.”

“He added: “I am alive, and I can tell you that after this attempt, I am even more determined to fight for the revolution.”

“It has been confirmed that several flying objects packed with explosives – as is evident after video of the incident began surfacing on social media – were detonated close to the presidential platform and in some locations along the parade.”

Kayhan International remarked: “It was a close call indeed and a brush with death, which warrants Maduro and all other independent leaders, whether in Latin America or elsewhere to be on guard against the US and its devilish agents.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has rightly condemned the abortive attack on the life of the president of Venezuela, and so have the vast majority of world countries.

“Bolivian President Evo Morales, who is also intensely hated by the US and ought to be extra alert against Washington’s mischief, posted a message of support to the victims of the attack, and tweeted: “We strongly repudiate a new aggression and cowardly attack on Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian people.

“He added: “After the failure in attempts to overthrow him democratically, economically, politically, and militarily, now the empire (the US) and its servants threaten his life.”

“To sum up, the words, the commitments, the promises, the signatures of the US cannot and should never be trusted. The regimes in Washington, whether Democrat or Republican, are the embodiment of evil. Their prime aim is world hegemony through any foul means – psychological warfare, political pressures, economic sanctions, bullying, military measures, and terrorist attacks, both direct and indirect through proxies.”

Kayhan International concluded: “Certainly, Planet Earth will be a peaceful place when the dangerously nuclear-armed and satanic USA ceases to exist on the world map, but in the meantime, free people and independent nations need to coordinate efforts for nullifying all the devilish designs of Washington.”




Aug 08, 2018 09:34 UTC