Dec 03, 2018 09:29 UTC

The United Nations announced in 1992 that December 3 be marked every year as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD). The goal of this announcement was to promote public awareness on different aspects of the disabled people's life. Every year this day provides the ground for further attention to the problems of the disabled by relevant authorities.

The theme of this year for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is, “Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”.

The disabled persons are entitled to have welfare and social facilities just like others. They have the right to enjoy education, health, housing, employment, entertainment and other amenities.

The disabled persons are no different from others in terms of talent and effort. Like other people, if they make use of their innate capacities with willpower, they will achieve spectacular progresses. They can compensate their limitation of movement through activating their other senses and faculties of mind. Experience shows that they can overcome their problems with pore patience and resolve. Willpower and perseverance are the words that permeate in the life of disabled persons. These make them heroes and champions of various fields in society.

Stephen Hawking was one of these persons. He was a British cosmologist who became famous for his sophisticated mathematical and physical calculations on the creation and development of celestial black holes. In January 1963, at the age of 21, he was afflicted by an incurable disease called ALS. ALS attacked Hawking's spinal cord, brain and nervous system. So, he gradually lost his ability to move. Yet, he didn't submit and continued his studies to be a renowned scientist.

Nicholas James (Nick) Vujicic was born in Australia in1982 without arms and legs. Although he was suffering from depression in childhood, his mother helped him overcome this feeling and use a very tiny outgrowth which was like a foot at the end of his body. Thus, he led a group at high school which gathered charities for the poor. Later on, he embarked on charity works more. Nick graduated from the Griffith University at the age of 21 in the fields of accounting and planning. He is a motivational speaker and manager of Life without Limbs Organization. He is skilled in swimming, surfing and golf, too. He writes in his book, Life without Limits, that he was born without arms and legs but he never stayed in the boundaries of his condition. He travels all over the world and inspires millions of people with faith, hope, love and bravery to overcome problems of life and attain their goals.

Ms. Bahareh Honarparvar is another disabled person who has not given in to her disability. She was born in 1975 with spinal cord injury which enabled her move only one arm. She got her PhD in Quantum chemistry and has achieved numerous scientific titles with publishing articles in ISI and got the title of scientific notable of Ian in 2006.

Dr. Honarparvar has been working for several years as a universal researcher on AIDS in South Africa. She says, "Fortunately, the field and ground of my specialized job is intellectual and requires just a strong and patient spirit and a healthy and active heart and brain. Indeed, I have chosen this specialized ground on purpose to be able to use my mental and intellectual faculties maximally so that physical inability won't hinder my progress. I remember the days of choosing the field of education I used to say to myself that I shouldn't let the wheels of my wheelchair obstruct the wheels of my life. I said I will either find a way or make it. Thus, I have been able to enjoy the best of God's grace with this very physical condition."

God says in verse 155 of chapter Baqara of the noble Qur'an, "We will surely test you with a measure of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth, lives, and fruits; so, give good news to the patient."

 Any kind of physical and mental disability cannot hinder human growth and sublimity. No one should be discriminated due to disability. In view of this, governments must provide disabled persons with proper conditions in cities and various buildings to facilitate their commutation and life. The Messenger of Mercy, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) says, "He who accompanies a blind to the mosque or his house or for meeting his need, God will write the reward of liberating one slave for every step that he takes and puts on the ground and the angels will greet him till he parts."

The Prophet also advised not to stare at the troubled people as this will sadden them.