Feb 09, 2019 21:06 UTC

It has been obvious for everyone with a shred of reasoning that the United States is the lapdog of Israel. For sure it has been for decades but the Trump administration exposed this reality to the most incredulous people. Abu Dharr of Crescent International Magazine has recently authored an interesting feature on the issue. You'd better not miss it.

It goes without saying that American decision makers are Israeli politicians: Americans by citizenship, Israelis by public spirit — with very few exceptions. No one could have demonstrated this better than Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last month during his bossy presence in Cairo, Egypt.

In his speech at the American University of Cairo (AUC) he swanked about being an evangelical Christian with a Bible on his office desk. He also prided himself on 2019 being the 100th year of the establishment of the AUC in Cairo. Aside from these self-congratulatory introductory remarks Pompeo indulged in the fallacies of US foreign policy presenting them as righteous and unselfish!

He began by stating that Christians, Muslims, and Jews are all the children of Abraham. Looks like he hasn’t been studying his Bible carefully. Biblical interpretations equate the sons of Abraham through his son Ismail with illegitimate children and in some non-religiously correct interpretations as bastards. Dare any religious or political Egyptian bring that to the attention of their superior Mr. Pompeo?

Mr. Pompeo thinks he is speaking to a dumbed down crowd when he asserts that America is a “force for good” in West Asia and North Africa. No common man in the street from Morocco to Cairo to Qatar will agree; US presence in the Muslim world has been caustic and catastrophic. Look at the US involvement in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Somalia — not to mention Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Palestine.

Pompeo said that US leaders (alluding to the Obama regime) have misread US history and the historical moment of West Asia. This was his jab at Obama’s eight years when policies were made apparently to quiet down Islamic Iran. The secretary of state mentioned his and his regime’s determination to put an end to Daesh (by bombing them into defeat). He said that Daesh drove to the outskirts of Baghdad as America hesitated [to confront them] they raped and pillaged and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents. What he either knowingly or unknowingly left out of his speech is the fact that successive US regimes fully backed the supporters of Daesh. If US foreign policy really intended to pull the plug on Daesh all that had to be done was to tell US allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey to stop their financing and arming of Daesh and its offshoots and equivalents throughout the Muslim world. Had the US done that, it would have terminated Daesh and its bloody associates all over the Muslim world.

Pompeo went on to say that the US was timid in asserting itself when needed. “Asserting itself”! What are hundreds of thousands of US troops doing in the Muslim world? What is the meaning of hundreds of US military bases proliferating within and around the Muslim world? And he had the chutzpah to say that America hesitated to wield power that caused Daesh to spread… As if the US did not want Daesh to spread… US policy has been to setup, entrap, and kill Muslims through the vehicle of Daesh and its counterparts. Naive and susceptible Muslim youth fell into that deception. The Daesh trap would not have worked were it not for the Saudi supervised and financed atavistic religious Wahhabi institutions.

After this stretched starter Pompeo finally made it to his real intent and purpose: Islamic Iran and Zionist Israel. He said that the US must confront the Ayatollahs, not cuddle them. He also said that the US will support in a decisive manner Israel to defeat its enemies (Islamic Iran, Hezbollah, etc.). Netanyahu couldn’t have expressed himself better.

Now let us probe the propositions of this pompous Pompeo performance. President Barack Obama went to Cairo to kick off his regime’s version of protecting Israel: The American carrot approach. Here we have Pompeo also going to Cairo, but to kick off his regime’s stick approach.

The pivotal point in Pompeo’s Cairo contention is that Iran should not be contained but should be confronted. This is a very discreet and diplomatic way of saying the US is preparing for war with Islamic Iran. The objective of a conference scheduled to be held in Poland (February 13–14) will be to fuse together certain “Arab” nation-states to become the spearhead in a military campaign that will be controlled remotely by evangelical imperialist Washington on behalf of Talmudic Zionist Israel. The way information is coming out, the Arab regimes that will be called to Zionist military duty against Islamic Iran are: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt; the jury is still out on Qatar and Oman.

The second target in Pompeo’s speech is Hezbollah. Expect in this coming year Israeli maneuvers or false-flag operations to commence military operations or even a war in Lebanon with US backing and blessing. Pompeo mentioned that Hezbollah has 130,000 missiles in Lebanon equipped with precision Iranian technology to be used against Israel. He (calculatingly) forgot to tell his listeners how many missiles and what type of missiles (among them atomic ones) Israel has and will use against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims when its Masada moment arrives.

Pompeo said that the US is not an occupying force. What are US military forces doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? What have US forces been doing in Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and Syria? Wasn’t it Pompeo’s president — Trump — who bemoaned the fact that the US spent over $6 trillion in West Asia without any revenue or profits to show for it? Aren’t ill-advised American policies responsible for the death of over three million Iraqis in the past 40 years, 30,000 Libyans in the past seven years and over a million Afghans in the last four decades? Erroneous American policies rationalized by an “Israel can’t be wrong” bottom line have littered the Muslim world with instability and chaos, murder and mayhem, violence, and terrorism. Ethnic breakaway tendencies and sectarian wars rage on because of the American foreign policy masterplan of blindly supporting Zionist Israel in its colonizing and expansionist strategy.

The trillions of dollars that the US poured into the hellhole of West Asia, were they spent on building infrastructures and hospitals, research centers and an industrial base, orphanages and churches, the political landscape would be very different. US wars for the sake of Israel in the Muslim world have left the Muslim populations with hunger and starvation, tens of millions of refugees, and un-depleted uranium that has polluted the agriculture and water supply for hundreds of thousands of years, not to mention the US policies of beefing up the militaries of its allies for American-Israeli manufactured future wars.

The Imperialist-Zionist deep state has come to realize that its proxies in the Muslim world are unable to overthrow the Syrian leadership. So don’t be surprised if in this coming year the Saudi and Qatari rulers make up (by the Saudis withdrawing their 13 demands), and both march in cadence with the American Israeli beat against Islamic Iran.

When you closely think about these Zio-American strategies you cannot avoid noticing that most of these reactions by Arab regimes are because of their inability and unwillingness to sit down and discuss their differences with their Islamic neighbor in Iran.

We should not lose sight of the loss of credibility bordering on the loss of legitimacy of the three stooges: Trump, Netanyahu, and Bin Salman. All three are under growing internal public pressure: The Americans are increasingly fed up with Trump, the Israelis are showing more willingness to put Netanyahu on trial for his serious legal and moral problems, and the people in Arabia have had it with Bin Salman. These mounting domestic pressures may hasten the American-Israeli-Saudi break out of war against Islamic self-determination from Iran to Lebanon.

To put it succinctly: Israel is making America the sick man of the world. And none dare say so for fear of being called “anti-Semitic.”

If such a war breaks out, then let it be known that corporate America, racist Israel, and tribally ruled Arabia are on the wrong side of history when they declare war on 2 billion Muslims who will never cede the rights of the Palestinians to live in their historical fatherland and ancestral motherland. Vietnam will look like a picnic and Masada will be expanded by the thousands.

Israel is Israel; but America is Israel major and Saudi Arabia is Israel minor. If you can’t understand that, you can’t understand today’s world, “Attention! Allah’s help and triumph is near”.