Sep 12, 2019 03:41 UTC

Iran has stressed it is pursuing a fully transparent nuclear program, hitting out at nuke-armed Zionist regime for talking about adherence to non-proliferation principles.

According to Press TV, Iran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Kazem Gharibabadi, told a meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors on Wednesday “Israel talking about commitment to non-proliferation [treaties and principles] is like mafia speaking of adherence to laws against organized crimes.”

The envoy said certain “baseless allegations” raised by the Israeli regime were “nothing but a political game to spoil the current positive trend in Iran-IAEA cooperation.”

“This regime is not a member of any non-proliferation or disarmament treaties and builds different types of weapons of mass destruction,” Gharibabadi said, adding that given “the regime’s long-standing record of non-compliance with all international norms and standards, its representative is in no place to lecture others on issues that the regime does not commit to.”

“The Israeli regime talking about commitment to non-proliferation is like mafia talking about compliance with laws against organized crimes,” he added.

The envoy also denounced a “US-Israeli plot,” to put pressure on the IAEA, describing it as a last-ditch effort to kill the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and disseminate “distorted information” to world countries and the global public opinion.   

“We are witnessing a US-Israeli plot with the support of their affiliated media. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton's remark wishing to set an agenda for the visit of the acting director general on the night that he was on his way to Tehran, along with the media campaign done by two news agencies, as well as the show played by the Israeli Prime Minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) all in all indicate that a joint project is underway,” he said.

He said that Iran did not attach any value to and would not be influenced by such attempts, warning that “any bid to derail the active and constructive cooperation between Iran and the IAEA and put undue pressure on the IAEA in this regard will prompt Iran’s befitting responses.”

Gharibabadi also stressed that all of Iran’s nuclear activities were fully transparent and verified by the UN nuclear agency, adding, “There is no covert nuclear activity” in the country.

The remarks came a day after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday accused Iran of lack of full cooperation with the IAEA and possible undeclared nuclear activities.

The US allegations also came a day after Netanyahu accused Iran of operating a secret site towards obtaining nuclear arms and called on the international community to join Washington’s economic sanctions on Tehran.