Oct 30, 2019 06:21 UTC
  • In photos: Iranian mourners remember Imam Reza

People in Iran commemorated the martyrdom anniversary of the eighth Shias’ Imam, Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (Peace be upon him).

According to Press TV, every year, Iranians hold mourning processions in all cities and towns across the country to pay tribute to Imam Reza (PBUH), who was martyred after being poisoned by the Abbasid Caliph Ma’mun in the year 818 AD.

In the days leading up to the occasions, caravans of pilgrims begin a journey on foot to Iran’s northeastern holy city of Mashhad, which is home to Imam Reza’s holy shrine.

Here are pictures of the rituals in Mashhad, where Shia Muslims from Iran and other countries have come together for the mourning ceremonies: