Dec 06, 2019 19:00 UTC
  • Resistance against US leads to production of science: Friday Prayer Leader

Tehran's interim Friday Prayer Leader Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi Fard highlighted the positive effects of Iran’s resistance against the US sanctions and said the struggle has led to the Islamic Republic’s progress.

“The resistance to the hegemonic system means resistance to excessive demands and violations of the rights of the Muslim people of Iran,” Hojjat al-Islam Aboutorabi Fard said, addressing worshipers here in Tehran on Friday.

Today, Iran’s academic community is able to stand up to the US, which means the production of science and the commercialization of knowledge and the construction of a prosperous Iran with the highest per capita income, the religious scholar noted.

The path to change can only pass through the clear path of modern knowledge and technologies, the cleric added.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has on various occasions highlighted the role of science as a means of power and development, urging efforts to maintain the pace of scientific growth in Iran despite enemy efforts to undermine it.

In an address to a gathering of young Iranian elites in October 2018, Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the need for scientific progress in the country, saying employment of the potential of elites will boost the country’s power and minimize its vulnerabilities.

“If we make scientific progress, the threats from our civilizational, political, and economic enemies will not be permanent and will diminish,” the Leader had said.