Dec 06, 2019 19:06 UTC
  •  Meddling in other countries’ affairs a principle in US foreign policy: Iran

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi condemned a recent decision by the US Congress to approve a bill against China, saying that interference in other nation's internal affairs is a principle in Washington’s foreign policy.

“The US, with a shameful record of genocide of indigenous (Americans) and the black slavery and massacres of internal minorities, as well as the massacres of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, and Yemen, and the pardoning of war criminals, is the least qualified to comment on ethnic groups, races and Muslims,” Mousavi said in a statement.

“Repeating such blatant violations of the recognized principles of international law is just another demonstration of the fact that the interference in other countries’ internal affairs has become a principle in the US’ anti-normative foreign policy,” he added.

The spokesman further condemned the recent measure taken by the US Congress against China and warned the international community against threats of such behaviors that endanger global peace and stability.