Dec 08, 2019 17:12 UTC
  • National Information Network obviates need for foreign networks: President Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani says his administration is planning to bolster the infrastructure for launching the National Information Network (NIN) so that it would become so strong as to obviate the need for taking advantage of foreign information networks.

According to Press TV, Rouhani made the remarks on Sunday while addressing an open session of the parliament after submitting a draft state budget, which he said was designed with the least possible dependence on oil revenues in order to resist and counter US sanctions.

Explaining those parts of the budget bill, which are related to the information and communication technology as well as the internet bandwidth, Rouhani emphasized that one of the basic policies of his administration was to bolster the country’s infrastructure in such areas as health and treatment, environment, agriculture, utilities, communications and the internet bandwidth.

“Since the beginning of the 11th administration, the bandwidth has been increased about 20 times and we will continue this process so that we would make the National Information Network so strong that people would not need foreign [networks] to meet their needs,” President said.

Rouhani added that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has also issued an order in this regard, “which, God willing, we would follow up on that order through the Supreme Council for Cyberspace and our people will see better conditions in this field.”

Iran has been trying for many years to build its own National Information Network in parallel to taking advantage of the international internet in order to make sensitive domestic centers and facilities immune to cyber attacks originating from hostile countries.