Jan 12, 2020 16:27 UTC
  • Parliament tasks committee to follow up on plane crash: Larijani

Iran's Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says he has tasked the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy with looking into the case of the Ukrainian passenger plane that was shot mistakenly after taking off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Larijani was addressing an open session of the parliament on Sunday, after lawmakers were briefed by the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Major General Hossein Salami, on the circumstances surrounding the plane crash during a closed session of the legislature.

Saying that he has asked the parliamentary commission to examine the cause of the incident, Larijani added, “The committee will follow up on this issue to clarify how it happened and how similar incidents could be prevented in the future.”

He added that during the closed session with the IRGC commander, Salami explained about conditions that led to the downing of the aircraft.

Earlier on Sunday, Major General Salami told the parliament’s closed session that after Iran’s retaliatory attack on the US Ain al-Assad airbase in Iraq’s Anbar Province, multilayered projections were made in case the Americans would embark on reprisals so that we could make necessary plans and predictions.

“What came to pass was that we had locked horns with a superpower, and naturally the country was not under regular conditions,” the Fars news agency cited the representative of Tabriz in Iran’s parliament as quoting the IRGC chief.

“Concerning the incident, we are saddened more than anybody else and never thought we would carry out an action that could harm people,” Salami was quoted by the parliamentarian.

The representative of Tabriz also cited Larijani as saying in today’s session that the IRGC is our “strong point” and the enemies aimed to undermine that point, and that the parliament would not allow the slightest blow to the IRGC’s spirit of valor.

Following the Sunday session with the IRGC chief, Iranian lawmakers issued a statement in which they slammed any effort by “the US and its proxies” to exploit the plane incident in order to overshadow Iran's victory in targeting the US airbase in Iraq.

The lawmakers lauded the IRGC chief for his honesty in explaining the cause of the heart-wrenching incident, adding that without a doubt, the IRGC is ready to do any sacrifice in the service of the nation.