Jan 14, 2020 12:30 UTC
  • President Rouhani calls for special court to hear plane tragedy cases

President Hassan Rouhani says all those responsible for the accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran should be brought to justice, urging that a special tribunal be appointed to hear cases and try all those involved.

The Ukrainian jetliner tragedy is not an ordinary case, which requires that the Judiciary set up a special court presided by a supreme judge to look into the issue with the help of the most professional experts in the field, President Rouhani suggested, Press TV reported.

In his Tuesday's remarks, President Rouhani noted, “Immediately after I established that a very painful and unforgivable error had been committed, I instructed the officials to inform the public.

“This is a hugely bitter incident, which is extremely hard for people to accept. Even if the aircraft had crashed because of technical problems, it would still have been a grievous incident. But after it was confirmed that a human error had led to this tragedy, it hurt public sentiment even more,” he added.

The president noted that the crash could not have been caused by a single individual, giving assurances that all those involved would face prosecution.

“Not just the one person who pressed the button is to blame; there are others involved. I want this issue to be honestly explained to the people,” he said, adding that it is highly important for the Iranian people that everyone bearing some degree of responsibility be identified and punished accordingly.

“It is a first good step that the Armed Forces have admitted their mistake… We should now [work to] assure the people that this will not happen again,” President Rouhani said, adding that his government would be “accountable to the Iranians and the nationals of other countries who lost their lives in this incident.”

This is not just about an unfortunate accident that led to the loss of lives that “were very dear to us," but "this is also a question of airspace security, which is of prime importance to Iran and the world,” said the president.