Jan 24, 2020 07:17 UTC
  • Iran’s top judge hails efforts to bypass sanctions

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Seyyed Ebrahim Ra’eisi lauded the efforts by Iranian officials and experts to circumvent the foreign sanctions and prevent them from affecting the livelihood of the people.

According to Tasnim news agency, speaking in a gathering of people in Iran’s central city of Yazd on Thursday, the Judiciary chief expressed gratitude to all Iranian authorities who try to bypass the sanctions and facilitate the living conditions for the people.

“Efforts must be made to prevent the sanctions from affecting the lives of people,” he added.

The top judge also stressed the need to develop a resistance economy in Iran to make the sanctions and threats futile.

Ra’eisi dismissed the idea of negotiations with the US, saying it is impossible to hold talks with an untrustworthy party that constantly breaches its commitments.

He also reaffirmed the Judiciary’s determination to stamp out corruption and help investors and entrepreneurs to work in safe economic conditions.

“The fight against economic corruption is a strategic issue,” the senior cleric added, stressing that the Judiciary will keep up tireless efforts to tackle corruption.