Jan 29, 2020 06:43 UTC
  • Iran opens $1.5bn worth of water, electricity projects

Iran has brought on line dozens of projects in the field of water and electricity with an estimated investment of nearly $1.5 billion, including a major water treatment plant that will improve the quality of water used in the capital Tehran.

According to Press TV, President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday inaugurated Tehran’s Seventh Water Treatment Plant, a project that cost the government more than 10 trillion rials ($100 million).

The facility, also known as Mamlo, cleans 18,000 cubic meters of water per hour for the consumption of two millions people living in southern neighborhoods of Tehran as well as other areas to the southeast of the capital.

While visiting the plant, Rouhani used video conference to open another 26 projects in the field of water and electricity for the people of the Tehran Province, of which the city of Tehran is the provincial capital.

According to an IRNA report, those projects, mostly dedicated to the supply of clean water for rural regions in the province, had cost the government another $100 million.

Iran’s Ministry of Energy said on Tuesday that the value of a total of 133 projects that opened earlier in the day across Iran, including the 27 inaugurated by Rouhani in Tehran, was 194.44 trillion rials (nearly $1.5 billion).

It said other projects were scattered across 21 provinces of Iran.

The ministry said work was underway for another 174 projects across the country with an investment of about 350 trillion rials ($2.6 billion).

Iran, a major hub of electricity in the West Asia region, has accelerated plans for expansion of the sector over the past years.

The rapid development has come despite a series American sanctions that have specifically targeted the country’s energy sector.