May 22, 2020 09:14 UTC
  • Netanyahu supporters responsible for acts of aggression against Palestinians: Zarif

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the helmsmen of the United States’ politics, who have been providing an all-out support for Zionist regime’s head Benjamin Netanyahu, share the blame for the regime's atrocities against Palestinians.

“'Bibi-Firsters'—whether in Foggy Bottom or 1600 Penn—are complicit in all Israeli crimes against humanity,” Zarif tweeted on Thursday, referring to the whereabouts of Capitol Hill and the State Department.

Netanyahu, who has been indicted in three high-profile corruption cases, has earned notoriety among Israelis as “crime minister.”

Zarif said Netanyahu’s staunch supporters, however, “will have to account for EVERY aggression—from the usurping of Palestinian land & apartheid under the 'Deal of Century' to enabling murder of children with US weapons.”

His remarks came on the eve of International Quds Day, when millions of pro-Palestinian people worldwide mark the event each year to condemn Israel’s more than seven decades of daily acts of aggression against Palestinians.