Jun 01, 2020 08:50 UTC
  • Iran may send more fuel shipments to Venezuela

Iran is ready to send new shipments of fuel to Venezuela at the request of the Latina American country, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesman said after five Iranian oil tankers delivered gasoline to Venezuelan ports.

According to Tasnim news agency, speaking to reporters at a press conference on Monday, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi dismissed US attempts to hamper Iran’s trade exchanges with other countries, such as Washington’s recent threat to obstruct the delivery of Iranian fuel to Venezuela.

“If Venezuela makes a new request for (fuel) shipments, new shipments will be sent,” he said.

Describing the delivery of fuel to Venezuela as a “legitimate and simple international trade”, the spokesperson said, “The Americans could not tolerate this because they are used to bullying and violating the law.”

“Iran deems it a natural right to defend its interests even in faraway places,” Mousavi underlined.

Over the past week, five Iranian oil tankers with shipments of fuel reached Venezuela.

The US had threatened to take action against the Venezuela-bound tankers and had even dispatched a naval flotilla to the Caribbean Sea.

On May 17, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif sent a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, warning the US about sending troops with the aim of interfering with the transfer of Iran’s fuel to Venezuela.