Aug 04, 2020 16:32 UTC
  • US silently slaughtering Iranian brain tumor patients: Lawyer

The illegal US sanctions imposed on Iran have made it almost impossible for Iranian brain tumor patients to receive non-invasive treatment at home, says a lawyer on international laws, as he slams Washington for its campaign of maximum pressure which he believes is indiscriminately targeting the people.

According to Press TV, Reza Nasri, an Iranian lawyer based in Europe, said in a thread of tweets posted on Tuesday that the United States is totally wrong in claiming that sanctions on Iran have had no impact at all on Iran’s access to vital medicine.

Narsi said that US bans had impeded the import to Iran of the cobalt needed to run equipment used for non-invasive surgeries on brain tumor patients.

That has caused an Iranian medical hub offering such treatment to discontinue its services, he said, adding that thousands of patients have been left with no option but to either opt for risky forms of surgery or travel to countries like Turkey where the non-invasive surgery costs hundreds of times more than the same treatment that used to be offered in "Gamma knife Centre in Iran".

“And this is just a mild example illustrating the U.S-made silent slaughter that is going on in Iran,” said Nasri.

He said international human rights organizations have a duty to file criminal complaints against senior US government officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who have repeatedly boasted of their campaign of relentlessly pressuring the Iranians.

“By stepping in, these organizations could not only draw attention to the humanitarian carnage caused by U.S sanctions on Iran ... but they could have a real impact on the career plans of admitted criminals like Mike Pompeo,” the lawyer said in his tweets.