Aug 12, 2020 11:31 UTC
  • Iran, Russia discuss media cooperation to counter Western misinformation

Iranian and Russian officials have discussed ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in the field of media and countering Western misinformation against independent countries.

According to Press TV, in a meeting held via video conference on Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi and his Russian counterpart, Maria Zakharova, dismissed claims made by certain Western countries about the impartiality, neutrality, and independence of their media.

They said Western media were being used as a tool for psychological warfare and the spread of false news against independent countries.

Highlighting the growing relations between Tehran and Moscow in all fields, they described the common views of the two countries on various issues, including regional cooperation and opposition to tough Western economic sanctions, as a good opportunity to forge deeper ties.

The two diplomats also called for the exchange of media delegations between Iran and Russia and preparing the ground for further interaction between the media associations of the two countries.