Sep 11, 2020 06:09 UTC
  • Tehran rally decries French magazine’s blasphemous cartoons, Qur’an desecration in Sweden

People have gathered in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in protest at a French satirical publication’s reprinting of blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet of Islam, and recent desecration of Islam’s holy book in Sweden.

The rally took place at Tehran’s Imam Hussein Square on Thursday, denouncing such defamatory actions as part of Islamophobic schemes pursued by the United States and the global Zionist lobby targeting the freedom-minded people and countries of the regional resistance front.

The demonstration was held amid strict observance of health precautions given the ongoing outbreak of the new coronavirus, with sanitizers and face masks being distributed among the participants, who, themselves, took note of social distancing rules.

The French weekly, Charlie Hebdo, reprinted the blasphemous caricatures earlier on the eve of the trial of suspects in a deadly gun rampage on its office in early 2015.

The terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo were French-born brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi, who claimed the attacks in the name of the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

The Muslim world that has distanced itself clearly from the Takfiri outfit and its fellow extremist groups has lashed out at the French publication.

Observers say besides deriding Islamic sanctities, such Islamophobic moves seem to be trying to associate Muslims with violent extremism by choosing the eve of the trial for reprinting the cartoons.

The international Muslim community is also raging against another move by right-wing extremists to set fire to a copy of the Holy Qur’an in the southern Swedish city of Malmo late last month.

The Thursday demonstration ended up with the release of a communiqué expressing “heartfelt hatred and abomination” over the dual acts of profanity. The statement denounced French politicians, especially President Emmanuel Macron’s “pathetic silence” on Charlie Hebdo’s action under the “hollow pretext of freedom of speech.”

The protesters considered the criminal US regime and its infanticidal creation being the Israeli regime to be the most corrupt entities of the century. “We consider whatever action that is geared towards Islamophobia and adversarial moves targeting billions of freedom-seeking people’s sanctities to be an outcome of their hostile policies and sinister plots,” they added.

They finally blasted the “unforgivable act of treason” by the United Arab Emirates to recently normalize its relations with Israel, warning some other Arab states against following in Abu Dhabi’s footsteps.

The protest came one day after a similar rally that saw Iranians gathering in front of France’s Embassy in the capital to vent their spleen over Charlie Hebdo’s profane action.