Sep 17, 2020 18:04 UTC
  • Foreign Ministry condemns attacks on foreign diplomatic missions in Iraq

The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemns all acts of aggression targeting foreign diplomatic missions in Iraq after reports emerge pointing to taking place of such violence in the West Asian country’s capital, Baghdad.

Spokesman Saeid Khatibzadeh on Thursday denounced any instance of aggression or trespassing against diplomatic missions based in the Arab country.

Reports had earlier pointed to a series of explosive attacks against foreign targets in Baghdad.

Khatibzadeh reminded that Iranian diplomats and diplomatic facilities had been targeted in acts of aggression throughout the Arab country in the past, urging Baghdad to ramp up its efforts to protect foreign diplomatic missions and ensure that their routine operations are not disrupted by such instances of violence.

Last year, a group of rioters stormed the Islamic Republic’s diplomatic mission in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf and set it ablaze.