Sep 18, 2020 05:49 UTC
  • US not JCPOA participant anymore, can’t return Iran sanctions on 9/20: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says despite recent remarks by the US secretary of state, Washington cannot re-impose the UN sanctions on Tehran on September 20 -- which is one month after the US demanded activation of a sanctions snapback mechanism inside the Iran nuclear deal -- because the US is not a party to the agreement anymore.

In his Thursday tweet, Zarif once again took issue with the US’ efforts to restore the UN sanctions, despite its having lost the right to do so after ditching the JCPOA.

Referring to the latest self-assertive remarks by his American counterpart that the bans would come back into force later in September, Zarif said, “Wrong again, @SecPompeo. Nothing new happens on 9/20.”

He then reminded Mike Pompeo that even the US’ former national security advisor John Bolton, the most aggressive Iran hawk who himself convinced Trump to quit the nuclear deal, was better versed in the implications of Washington’s withdrawal and its potential bid to return the UN sanctions.

“Bolton—who convinced the boss to order you to “CEASE US participation”—did [read the resolution],” Zarif’s tweet read.

The tweet also affixed excerpts of an August article by Bolton, in which he clearly noted that the attempt at snapback was “legally incorrect,” well guarded against inside the resolution, and could even “backfire on the US.”

“In his words: -Process is not ‘simple,’ automatic or snappy. But intentionally ‘complex & lengthy,’” Zarif cited Bolton as saying in the article, and repeated, “US is