Sep 24, 2020 15:44 UTC
  •  New video shows how foreign-backed terrorists massacred civilians in SW Iran

A new and deeply disturbing footage shows a Saudi Arabia-backed terrorist group in the very act of a 2018 attack on a parade in southwestern Iran, which martyred 25 people and injured 70 others, mostly civilian bystanders.

According to Press TV, the video pertains to September that year, when the terrorist outfit known as al-Ahwaziya, struck a military parade in the city of Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan Province, before proudly claiming the atrocity.

In the footage, around five terrorists, four in fatigues and one plainclothes, are seen targeting civilians watching the parade, which was held by Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). The plainclothes attacker tries to advance far ahead of the others, who intend to cover him by shooting at nearby bystanders and firing wildly in the general direction of the grandstand that was hosting military top brass.

Iranian defense forces are also seen intervening fast, with snipers targeting and neutralizing two of those in fatigues. The plainclothes attacker is then seen fleeing back from the site of the attack, but is similarly gunned down in the process.

The sheer gore of the incident, however, did not bring any Western media outlet to recognize it as a terrorist attack.

Shortly after the attack, the London-based Iran International television channel that is funded by Saudi Arabia even allowed the terrorist group spokesman to go live on air to defend the bloodshed.

Following the broadcast, the Iranian Embassy in London filed a lawsuit against Iran International with the UK’s communications regulator.

Iran’s Ambassador Hamid Baeidinejad tweeted back then, saying “’Iran International’ has shamefully broadcast an interview with the spokesperson of the terrorist group behind today's terrorist attack in Ahwaz. We condemn this heinous act and will pursue formally with Ofcom to investigate it as an act in supporting terrorism and violence.”

“The Iranian embassy in London has taken its official lawsuit to ‘Ofcom’ [asking it] to investigate the Iran International TV channel’s illegal move to broadcast an interview with the spokesman of the [al-Ahwaziya] terrorist group,” Iranian ambassador to London Hamid Baeidinejad said in another tweet.