Oct 25, 2020 14:42 UTC

The Iranian Army's Ground Force has conducted a set of tactical drills in the country’s northwestern area, using the opportunity to field its optimized new “offensive” brigades.

The Army’s Public Relations Office released a statement on Sunday, reporting successful conclusion of the exercise.

It said the drills fielded the force’s offensive mobile brigades that have been developed from former mechanized infantry brigades under the Ground Force’s “new structure.”

During the exercise, the involved units that operate as part of the Ground Force’s 164 Offensive Brigade, which is based in the city of Piranshar in West Azarbaijan Province, drilled nighttime and daytime raids “to display the [forces’] power, combat-readiness, and enhanced mobility.”

The exercise was also intended to enhance the Ground Force’s preparedness for rapid deployment and confrontation against potential sources of threat, the Army said.

The statement said the mobile brigade was being backed up during the exercise by infantry and artillery units as well as the engineers’ corps and drone squadron.