Jan 18, 2021 16:49 UTC
  • Iran’s IKCO unveils home-made three-cylinder car engine

Iran’s largest automotive firm, the Iran Khodro Company (IKCO), has unveiled a new home-made engine, a fresh boom for a domestic car sector that has thrived on the back of American sanctions on the country.

IKCO’s CEO Farshad Moghimi said on Monday that the engine is a first in Iran fully relying on the domestic expertise and manufacturing capacity.

According to Press TV, Moghimi said only four to five percent of the parts and components needed to manufacture the engine, from a total of 240 parts, have been supplied by foreign engine and parts makers.

“We didn’t even use the services of a foreign consultant for the project,” he said, adding that the engine would be used in home-made cars in Iran in the next calendar year starting March.

The engine was unveiled on a day in Iran marking the National Day of Clean Air. Compared to four-cylinder engines, the three-cylinder engines are more fuel-efficient and less pollutant. Large car manufacturers have been promoting these types of engines around the world in recent years.

On fuel-efficiency, Moghimi said that the home-made engines would consume 2.5 liters less fuel compared to the engines currently used across the industry in Iran.

He said the average fuel consumption for cars manufactured by the IKCO is 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers, down from 12 liters per 100 kilometer recorded for IKCO cars in the 1990s.

The unveiling of the new engine by the IKCO is a fresh sign the home-grown car industry in Iran has largely been spared of the negative impacts of the American sanctions on the country.

Car output has shown a consistent rise, even over last year when the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Iran caused lengthy shutdowns in car productions lines in the country.