Jan 26, 2021 14:15 UTC
  • Coronavirus daily death toll drops to below 80 in Iran

The daily death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic in Iran was down to 79 on Tuesday, marking a two-digit rate for the fourth week in a row.

According to Press TV, providing the latest statistics for the coronavirus infection, the Health Ministry’s spokeswoman said on Tuesday that the pandemic has claimed 79 lives over the past 24 hours, one of the lowest fatalities in the past seven months.

The overall coronavirus death toll in Iran stands at 57,560, Sima Sadat Lari added.

The spokeswoman also noted that the total number of people tested positive for COVID-19 in the country has surpassed 1,385,700 after the detection of 6,420 new cases since yesterday.

More than 1,177,300 patients have recovered from the coronavirus infection so far or have been discharged from hospitals across Iran, Lari said.

Among those undergoing treatment at present, 4,038 are being kept in the Intensive Care Units of medical centers because of critical health conditions, she said.

She also noted that more than nine million coronavirus diagnostic tests have been carried out in Iran so far.