Jan 26, 2021 14:17 UTC
  • Iran, Russia ink cybersecurity cooperation pact

The foreign ministers of Iran and Russia signed an information security agreement that coordinates efforts between the two countries against cyber-related crimes.

According to reports, the information security cooperation agreement was signed by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov at a meeting in Moscow on Tuesday.

According to the agreement, Iran and Russia will cooperate in various fields, such as strengthening information security, fight against the crimes committed with the use of information and communications technology, technical and technological assistance, and international cooperation including detection, coordination, and collaboration in regional and international organizations to ensure national and international security.

The new agreement is seen as a milestone in the cybersecurity programs between Iran and Russia.

In 2015, Tehran and Moscow had reached a preliminary agreement to work together in the field of cyber-defense.

The head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization had unveiled plans for joint cooperation focusing on the exchange of intelligence, interaction against threats, and joint defense.