Feb 15, 2021 06:38 UTC
  • Iran informs IAEA of concerns about confidentiality of information: Ambassador

Iran’s ambassador to international organizations in Vienna, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), says the Iranian mission has informed the IAEA of Tehran's concerns and observations on the protection of confidential information related to its nuclear program.

According to Press TV, speaking to reporters on Sunday, Kazem Gharibabadi said, “Iran’s considerations and concerns with regard to protection of confidential information have been communicated to the International Atomic Energy Agency in an official letter” dated February 4, 2021, which was circulated on February 9.

He added that despite the existence of relevant regulations, the issue of leaking or unauthorized access to confidential information of the Agency has been always a major sticking point in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s relations with the IAEA.

“Iran’s concerns about non-implementation of [IAEA’s] commitments regarding confidentiality of information have been brought up frequently during the past two decades, but have not been addressed in a suitable way yet,” Iran’s IAEA ambassador said.

Gharibabadi said although member countries are involved in leaking of confidential information, the IAEA is responsible for safeguarding such information and must come up with necessary policies and processes to do away with such concerns or do something to change the status quo.

He added that Iran’s letter to the IAEA has touched on six issues, which make way for the leak of confidential information including:

•       Inclusion of detailed information in the Director General's reports on matters related to Iran’s nuclear program;

•       Releasing and getting access to the Director General's reports by media or other private entities, even before their official release;

•       Making public the Director General's reports upon decisions by the Board of Governors; and

•       Lack of necessary oversight covering the current and former staff of the Agency.

Gharibabadi said Iran’s letter has also proposed 13 mechanisms to ensure confidentiality of information and eliminate concerns related to this issue.

Back in December, Gharibabadi said Iran would soon begin its “serious” legal pursuit of the leakage of confidential reports prepared by the UN nuclear agency after a confidential report by the IAEA on an Iranian facility was leaked to the media.

“All Safeguards and JCPOA reports as well as Iran’s correspondence with the IAEA and vice versa are confidential. The IAEA shares its reports in its internal site, only accessible to its member states,” the Iranian diplomat said.